Sex deprivation has caused me to have serious flashbacks of last Memorial Day when I met this sexy guy from Louisiana. I was out and about in Miami standing in line at one of my favorite hot spots, when Mr. New Orleans approached me. We talked for a couple of minutes before he asked me to accompany him for the evening. Why not? I was bored and he was friendly. We clubbed hopped for the remainder of the night and ended up at a crowed strip club.  He really knew how to show a girl a good time. He bought me a couple of lap dances from a hot stripper named Coco. I consider myself extremely open minded and I can hang in almost any atmosphere. Strip clubs are just another source of entertainment to me. No I don’t go a lot, but every now and then it can be a fun. I’m no stick up my ass conservative woman. I can hang with the fellas and enjoy myself.

Anywhoo, He was a barrel of laughs and he had the most sensual touch. He was a well-established man;nice looking, smart, with a great career.  I enjoyed his company and he was an amazing kisser.  I could feel myself getting wet the first time we embraced. After a couple hours and a dozen V.I.P. lap dances, we left the strip club. I was drunk and far from home, so he offered me to stay the night with him in his hotel room. Huh I don’t know about that I told him. But after that amazing kiss he laid on me in V.I.P, my coochie wanted to. He was a southern gentleman; very sweet and charming. But I decided to swerve my way home for the night.

We met up 3 days later for another crazy wild night out. After getting me drunk as hell, we went back to my place. He started in on me and I couldn’t resist. Finally naked and horny, I was ready but not knowing what to expect. As soon as I felt his tongue between my legs I remembered why I missed the country. Damn I couldn’t control my body, I was having a major seizure. Shit! I had tears coming out of my eyes. It was like that scene from the exorcist when the girls tongue was sticking out and her head twisted backwards. he wouldn’t stop until I passed out. And hell, I did black out! But that 13 inches of dick soon revived me. Yes girls, 13 inches at least and as wide as my arm. Hell I think they heard me screaming in Alabama. The orgasm was so insane that I was definitely walking the line between life and death!  That’s a lot of man to take but I bit my lip a tried my hardest to handle it like a pro. Hell I’m Emmanuelle you think I’m going to let a dick out fuck me! NEVER! I came to the conclusion that night, that I like huge dicks. Now, the thought came in to my mind previously when I made love to this sexy guy up in Boca a few months earlier; but that night with Mr. Louisiana it was definite!

We continued for hours. This man stays soft for about a minute or two. As soon as I rolled over and he got another glimpse of my ass, he was ready to go again. I swore I was dreaming. This was too good to be true. We made love in the shower. He picked my thick ass up, wrapped my legs around his waist, and entered me. Then late a night while I was sleeping, he would open my legs and take the pussy. The thing about country men is they don’t need much to get turned on but a soft sexy body of a sweet woman. Yeah all a girl has to do in the south is smile a lot and be sweet; it’s like a bee to honey. And all a country boy needs to fuck all night is maybe a mattress and a pitcher of ice water. Hell they don’t even need A.C.; open the window and a cool summer breeze will be fine!

He was a keeper! Well at least for a week or two. He didn’t live in Florida, he was visiting for the holiday. So my coochie invited him to stay with us for the remainder of his time here. Hell I stayed home for the rest of the week to keep him company. I’ve never fucked so much in my entire life, not even in marriage! He was breaking all my sex rules. We made love at least 4 times in the day and 4 times at night.  I swear the head board of my bed cracked the wall. We had dinner every night at the best south beach restaurants. We hung out on the beach during the day between sex sessions and hit the hot clubs at night. He was a good time. Soon we said goodbye, his vacation was over. He considered moving to Fla and I even considered letting him live with me. But, I was trying to change my pattern of jumping into relationships fast.  Once he left, we lost contact for a while. Right now more than ever, I miss and need him. I moved and changed cell phones so I lost his number and he doesn’t have my new one. Damn I have to find him! I’m feenin for that amazing sex!


He is like suga and I have a deprived sweet tooth.

Like honey molasses layin smoothly upon my tongue.

Sticky to my lips as I savor every drop of nectar.

I become beautifully obsessed with the taste. And for a moment I feel the bliss.

I realize that I’m happy and exhale!

You’ve taken that away from Me

Full of life

Filled with passion for you

I was a sexual vixen

Only for your body

Like I was on demand

Waiting to be remote controlled

By your command

I was lost in love

and satisfied with vanishing into your world

Spending hours fantasizing about improving and inventing all the possibilities

to make love to you

I was the best at it

You called my name and begged for more

and I gave it to you

The absolute high

to know that I was good at loving

My heart you owned it

and I expressed that with sincerity

each time I let you in

I whispered who it belonged to

and there wasn’t anything that I wouldn’t do

just to please you …

But foolishly


and dramatically

attention needy

you thought you had me

Holding securely

the lock on my pussy

while you ran around nonchalantly

with any girl you chose to

You thought that the war you initiated

would cause such fatal wounds

that I lay lifeless surrendering to your will

But I am a fighter

who refuses to continually be torn apart

A master mind

who can find

her way out of the dark

A solider who still can battle and win

even after you’ve broken my heart

I won’t play along anymore

I won’t repeatedly give in

You had so many self identity and insecurity problems

You suffered with a lot of psychological bullshit

Always on an egotistical trip

A good man, you’re brilliant at faking it

Exhausted and worn down

It took sometime for my scars to heal

It was 3 years before I realized everything about you wasn’t real

I let you have me over and over

Love blind

I just couldn’t see

That we never made love

You was just conveniently

fucking me

You could care less about the good in me

Because you just wanted a freak

I was trying to escape past hurt

disguising yourself as my friend

you saw comforting me as

an opportunity

You did everything you could to break me down and make a fool of me

I loved who I was

My uninhibited nature for

the man I loved

I was a sweet innocent blend

Of emotions, heart, lust, sex, passion and devotion

I dreamed of forever

A perfect place in my mind

But reality has set in

and I’ve lost belief

That enchanted kingdom I ‘m not trying to find

I’ve broken free from you

and you’re determined

to destroy me

Tarnishing my name and reputation

with words that are so degrading

You have deceived the dogs and puppies with

Sexually demeaning stories

Now they chase me hungry

like I’m some piece of meat

They think at anytime they can run through me

Taking my womanhood low

Telling everyone that I’m a souless hoe

just so it’ll be difficult to find true love or happiness

There is no extent that you won’t go

Smiling in my face

While behind my back you would go from place to place

Ridiculing and demoralizing

trying to turn me into a public disgrace

Hoping that I would run and hide

giving up

Collapsing weak

But you see I’m stronger

A young fool I am no longer

I’ve built my own paradise

my own world

You can no longer hurt me

There is nothing you can do

My life has been a blessing

So beautiful

ever since

I got away from and I’m

So proud to be

Done with you

No longer a little silly girl

Immature to love

I’m fully a woman who has control over her emotions

and protects her heart

I know what real love is

And when I come across it

Every part

of me

My body and soul I will give

Wisdom tells me to never spend my life searching and sacrificing


It will find me when I’m ready

All I wanted to be is the love of some ones life

their dedicated freak as well as their wife

Every young woman’s fantasy

Naïve I use to believe

That you would make that dream

come true

You’re just a devilish brutal thief

My innocence

My childish inner peace

You’ve taken that from me……


I’ve Always Adored You

I’ve always adored you

Watched you from afar

Admired you

The most beautiful thing

When I finally had you

It was like dreaming of a parallel universe

Where you were the stars and

my body was the earth

a superlative glow

How you shined

In that moment

that you were mine.

There were no whispers

Or shady judgments

No one to tell

No one to know

Making love

Boldly thunderous the sounds

but the act discreet

as we twist and turn

in the midday summer’s heat

I enjoyed you

The way you could journey so deep

with my knees on your shoulders

as your back carried my feet

Then changing positions

I would lay you down

and just stare, entranced by your physique

Soon to straddle your waist

My hair whipping in the wind

My nipples gliding across your face

The sweetness of the ocean breeze

The dusty gray sky overhead

The waves rolling and crashing

The warm sands our bed

The smell of peach scented candles

The intoxication of honey laced champagne

which prolongs the sex as it begins to rain

But that doesn’t discourage us

Not at all do we mind

The momentum builds

as you take me from behind

I suck you finger tips

as you kiss my neck

then my cheek as I close my eyes

and exhale

The smoothness of your touch

the softness of your skin

gets me soaking wet

I try to hold it in

but I have to release my climax

As we part

our sessions will be something I will never forget

I know in my heart

that we can’t always be together

So I’ll think of you and these memories

that will change us forever

waiting for the chance again

To escape my reality

There at the shore

by the rolling sea

my inhibitions washed away by the storm

My soul set free

It was like dreaming of a parallel universe

where you were the stars and

my body was the earth

A superlative glow

how you shined

In that moment

that you were mine.

Random Virgin Fantasies(Emmanuelle’s Bucketlist)

It’s been a long time since I was a virgin. But I’m having fantasies of experiencing virginity all over again.  I want it to be the way it should’ve been the first time. Since I’ve reached superior orgasms and understand the method of love making, I thought it would be interesting to act out the first time. I haven’t really had sex since my birthday sex adventure. I’m very serious about living this fantasy. I want to harvest all of my sexually energy and continue to exercise my kegal muscles; so they can be as tight as possible. I don’t use Jack or touch myself like usual. I want the next man that I’m with to make me continuously have multiple orgasms like I never had them before. Remember the first time someone performed oral sex on you? Remember how good it felt? The first time I had my pussy licked it felt like I sat on a rocket and blasted off into outer space. Yeah I want to cry and scream like that night after dance team practice in the stairwell of my high school. As soon as he enters me I want my pussy to pull and suck him. I want him to feel every curve of my walls. And every inch of his stroke will make me shiver and shake all over. Every time he pushes in I want to squeeze the back of his arms and cry for mercy…..hmm yeah. I think this is my favorite on my bucket list!

A Bad Girl’s Random Fantasies 1 (Emmanuelle’s sexual bucket list)

giphyWhy is it lately I’ve been thinking it’s hot when a man smokes Marijuana and has tattoos? I don’t care for weed myself, drinking is enough. However, I keep having this fantasy about  hanging out with an  inked up  weed smoking cutie ;  I fantasize about him chillin on the sofa smoking a joint. While he’s getting lifted, I put on this hot strip show and then give him some amazing head. How hot would it  be to put  all of him down my throat as he is exhaling weed smoke? Damn! Then, I straddle him while the weed fumes fill the room; I’m getting high as hell from the second hand smoke ,bouncing up and down and moaning, . ..hmmmm yeah…That shits sexy.

Another Late Night Rendevouz My Love PART 2

He begs me to release him

My throat just can’t get enough of him

It opens to consume every inch

I let go as he wishes.

Still down on my knees,

he leans towards me using his hands to prolong his erection

He passionately kisses me

Then making me stand up and turn around

to face the long gold mirror that covers the dining room wall

Look at yourself he says; how beautiful and sexy you are.

I feel the softness of his lips on my hips; then my ass as he grabs my

waist guiding me to straddle him

He takes his hardness and rubs it against my clit to feel my moisture

Forcefully he makes me sit down and take it all deep inside

I gasp for breath and close my eyes

I can’t help but to scream

He hands around my throat; he kisses my shoulder as I grind back

and forth.

He tells me to open my eyes and watch.

I stare into the mirror; my legs wide open, I see him slide in and out

of me as I continue to ride.

His hardness is unbearably soothing.  “Take that dick he whispers.

Yeah be a good girl keep watching that dick going deep inside of

you.” The beauty of the reflection intensifies the orgasmic shock

racing through my body causing my eyes to swell with tears; soon

escaping down my face then captured by his tongue. My tears make

him stronger. “You’re crying because you know that pussy is mine he whispers.

This is what I wanted he says …

To make love to you …

For you to feel all of me…

This is my pussy he claims as he  begins to climax deep inside of me”.

His hands wrap around my long tresses; pulling tightly.

Together we reach the highest peak.

Still inside of me, we slip out of the chair down onto floor of the dining room

Our bodies bound together, we fall asleep as one….

Another Late Night Rendezvous My Love(Part 1)


It was around three a.m.

He quietly unlocked the door

Finding his way to my bedroom in the darkness

he came to me.

The feeling of his lips on my neck awakens me from a deep sleep

His fingers slide under the covers then slip into my panties, entering me

slowly. Bracing myself, I tightly squeeze his wrist and bit my bottom lip as I

open my eyes.

He removes his fingers then takes me by the hand

He leads me out of the bedroom,  down the dark hallway to the dining room

He lights a candle, pulls out a chair, and takes a seat

There I stand awaiting his next move

He pulls me close and tells me to undress for him slowly

Each breath I take is more intense than the last

Finally I reach the bottom of the negligee

Take your time he commands

Exposing my breast as the sleeves fall off my shoulders

Holding the material around my waist I continue to stare into his eyes

Yes he says keep going, let it go

I exhale and release the gown down onto the floor

Good girl he says

Now turn around, bend over, and remove your panties he commands

I arch my back

My fingertips caress the back of my thighs

My ass tilted in the air, I began to slide my panties off the curves of my cheeks

My feet move further apart as the material moves down my thighs

falling to my ankles

Don’t move he says

stay just like that

He moves in closer until his face buries between my legs

He licks my lips with the tip of his tongue

My hands wrapped around my ankles

My body shakes

His tongue reaches my clit

I close my eyes and concentrate to stay in  position

Barely able to continue standing my knees tremble

He stops and leans back into his chair

He turns me around

He is naked and hard

He pushes me down onto my knees

Open your mouth he commands

Good girl

He rubs his hardness all over my lips

then pushes the tip to the back of my throat

I suck him aggressively

No no not like that he insists

Slowly, romantically he continues

make love to my dick using your tongue and lips

I follow his request

He closes his eyes and tilts his head back

He swells, thick and long

My mouth wet and warm

he extends ready to release

but he begs me to stop

I don’t want it this way he moans ……….not yet….

(To be continued)

Rain, Football, and Wet Fantasies

It was a beautiful day for me. My favorite gray sky and dark clouds on Miami Beach; Cumulonimbus days make me lustful. Signs of rain influence thoughts of love making. Like me in my Jersey and panties waiting for that certain friend to keep me company during the storm. Session after session of heat and moisture as it pours down outside; sentimental mood by  John Coltrane playing as he sits on the couch; I stand in front of him and candles burn all around during halftime. I like to undress slowly in the light; I want him to see all of me. I have no shame of my beautiful body. Riesling tastes better sliding down between my breast. Then, I remove his clothes and he is hard as a rock; I’m wet from the strip show.  I turn around and sit on him; making sure to take every inch of that hard beautiful dick as he watches the game. Legs wide open as I ride; his beloved team execute plays moving closer and closer until 1st down. I’m his favorite player. A girl with a tight end who can take a hard tackle and  make amazing chicken wings

A rainy Sunday afternoon, football, liquor, and sex! That’s E time! Sooner or later, I’ll find the perfect buddy. I’m pacing myself for  a sexier selection.  The future promises better days. I’m missing the feel of a man on my lips exploding as his favorite quarterback runs into the end zone. Touchdown! But, I rather wait and scan through the applicants wisely. It’s a shame that I have to go through all this for a fuck buddy.  It is what is.  Still the rain is enchanting though.

Embrace Me

Lets forget all outside these doors
and let this rainstorm be our focal point
My mood is submersion
and you find it there from thigh to thigh
Deep within ivory sheets and satin pillows
Bound in our embrace
Let my heart follow the speed of your body
Then softly calmly relax and sway
Until I feel every breath
Like its was my last

King Ding-A-Ling

Wednesday night is ladies night part 1. I went to my favorite spot in Miami to have a drink and flirt international style. I happen to sit next to a group of women discussing their men problems. After two shots of Patron, I had to interrupt the conversation. Poor ladies, they’ve been searching for the perfect loves in this wild city. Me being me, I had to ask them about their sex lives.  I can’t believe in this sexually driven city women are having my same issues. They can’t find a man to satisfy their sex hunger without bullshit! Damn I underestimated the mental depth of Miami’s women.  If only we could find men who could lay the pipe right and have a “decent career!” Sounds simple but honey it’s more complicated than most would think.

I told them the funny story of an older Italian guy I use to date on South Beach. This guy was a fun time! We would waltz into every exclusive night club with no waiting and party all night. He was a gentleman and very sweet! However, with all his good qualities he couldn’t last in bed 5 seconds. And the crazy part is, he hadn’t even entered me yet. I would open my legs and he would rub up against my outer lips; and boom! It was over! Now I don’t mind a “Mr. Quickie” as long as that was just the beginning of the evening; but this old man, would role over and go to sleep! He was through after 5 seconds. Now most girls wouldn’t complain because of the luxuries they would enjoy with this type of man. But, I didn’t drive down from Boca Raton after a long work week for nothing! Shit I can take myself out to dinner and walk into any hot spot! I wanted an unforgettable rendezvous! This was ri-goddaman-diculous!

After cracking up laughing, they could relate with stories of their own. That’s fucked up and pathetic! One girl spilled how this fine beautiful man she dated could eat pussy really well but because of his coke addiction, could not get erect! Wtf? If it wasn’t for her vibrator she would never get off. “Oh girly you have a Jack Rabbit too?” I responded. “Who doesn’t?” They all answered.

By the end of the night, we all agreed that it’s a shame to live in this beautiful beach kingdom but can not find “King Ding A Ling”

Waiting on a King

I want a freak

A nasty boy

A general in the army

declaring war on this pussy

He is determined

to own and white flag

that fat cat between my legs

He’ll tame this kitty

making it purr

and walk on a tight leash

A boxer

a ring champion

ready to go

round for round

who can beat and eat  that shit


Destroy that clit

sucking and biting it

Making me promise to behave

and give up all my horrible man dogging ways

A long glider

a super soaker

a  thick 12 inch slider

I wanna beg and scratch

for forgiveness

while he demands the answer to who’s

pussy is this

A Fearless



to go in traitorous deserted lands

turning it into a flourishing wet lands

I want a man to fuck me so good

he drives me crazy

so delirious and


that I want to have his baby

Cursing and screaming

only effects me

if my ass is in the air

and his pipe is drilling


So come on boy

my body is like honey

the taste is sweet

Make me fiend and want cha

If I let you get it

you better fuck me into a coma

I’m so tired of living and fantasizing an

unattainable dream

Trapped in this lonely  beach front tower

surrounded by cowards

loosing hope it seems

I’m just waiting to be captured and rescued

by a king

Creeping in My Back Door ( Booty Obsessions)

Lying in bed the other night, I was thinking about all the sex I’m not having. Yeah I get it every once in a while from my long distance loves but is it enough? Staring out the window at the midnight sky , I wondered are all the other girls in the city having hot passionate sex? Or, were they like me, not interested in so so climaxes; but savoring themselves for the best of the best? The older I get, I prefer men who know what a clitoris is and how to find one; especially mine.

I could go on for hours pondering about coulda woulda should I fucks. But, I decided to focus on my fantasies. Or better yet, positions that I haven’t explored in years. I called up Mr. Chicago to discuss the oldies but goodies. His first question was “When was the last time you had a little back door action?”  I had to think about it for at least 10 minutes; honestly, I actually don’t remember the last time I had anal sex. I mean it’s not my favorite meal on the menu, but still apart of the selection.  He asked me if we could give it a try the next time he’s in town. I don’t think so.  You know that relationship category? Well,  anal fun definitely falls into it. I ‘m down for casual freakiness; however, I just want to leave a part of me for a special somebody. And my ass is that part.

Mr. Chicago requested to hear a phone fantasy where my ass was the star. So I told him about the myth regarding how anal sex can make a woman’s ass swell. I insisted that’s why mine is so plump and round. We continued for a good hour talking about what he would do to my booty if I would be so gracious to give him chance. The behind the scenes conversation got me off but I still said hell no! Request denied! He could only use his fingers. That’s it!

I’m non judgmental, but there is something weird about the ass. And honestly, it only feels good if a man is an expert. But if he’s really good , it makes you wonder scary shit like who else has he fucked up the shooter? Or, the most important question is, was it a male or a female that he gained his expertise from? Yeah, it’s exciting  fun but questionable.

Men love it; especially with a round ass like mine. I’ve turned down men who’ve gotten me naked and went straight for back door access like they have an obsessive ass fetish. My kegal muscles are still very tight, I exercise them everyday; so the man I’m with will just have to be happy with the cooch! From what I remember anal love can be pleasurable. I don’t consider myself “old fashion”; I’ll be up for it at the right time. It’s just not something I’m interested in doing with just a casual fuck.