Another Late Night Rendevouz My Love PART 2

He begs me to release him

My throat just can’t get enough of him

It opens to consume every inch

I let go as he wishes.

Still down on my knees,

he leans towards me using his hands to prolong his erection

He passionately kisses me

Then making me stand up and turn around

to face the long gold mirror that covers the dining room wall

Look at yourself he says; how beautiful and sexy you are.

I feel the softness of his lips on my hips; then my ass as he grabs my

waist guiding me to straddle him

He takes his hardness and rubs it against my clit to feel my moisture

Forcefully he makes me sit down and take it all deep inside

I gasp for breath and close my eyes

I can’t help but to scream

He hands around my throat; he kisses my shoulder as I grind back

and forth.

He tells me to open my eyes and watch.

I stare into the mirror; my legs wide open, I see him slide in and out

of me as I continue to ride.

His hardness is unbearably soothing.  “Take that dick he whispers.

Yeah be a good girl keep watching that dick going deep inside of

you.” The beauty of the reflection intensifies the orgasmic shock

racing through my body causing my eyes to swell with tears; soon

escaping down my face then captured by his tongue. My tears make

him stronger. “You’re crying because you know that pussy is mine he whispers.

This is what I wanted he says …

To make love to you …

For you to feel all of me…

This is my pussy he claims as he  begins to climax deep inside of me”.

His hands wrap around my long tresses; pulling tightly.

Together we reach the highest peak.

Still inside of me, we slip out of the chair down onto floor of the dining room

Our bodies bound together, we fall asleep as one….