Random Virgin Fantasies(Emmanuelle’s Bucketlist)

It’s been a long time since I was a virgin. But I’m having fantasies of experiencing virginity all over again.  I want it to be the way it should’ve been the first time. Since I’ve reached superior orgasms and understand the method of love making, I thought it would be interesting to act out the first time. I haven’t really had sex since my birthday sex adventure. I’m very serious about living this fantasy. I want to harvest all of my sexually energy and continue to exercise my kegal muscles; so they can be as tight as possible. I don’t use Jack or touch myself like usual. I want the next man that I’m with to make me continuously have multiple orgasms like I never had them before. Remember the first time someone performed oral sex on you? Remember how good it felt? The first time I had my pussy licked it felt like I sat on a rocket and blasted off into outer space. Yeah I want to cry and scream like that night after dance team practice in the stairwell of my high school. As soon as he enters me I want my pussy to pull and suck him. I want him to feel every curve of my walls. And every inch of his stroke will make me shiver and shake all over. Every time he pushes in I want to squeeze the back of his arms and cry for mercy…..hmm yeah. I think this is my favorite on my bucket list!