A Bad Girls Birthday Sex Adventure

My 31st birthday has to be the best birthday that I’ve had since I’ve been in Florida. The last 3 years I was involved with a real loser! I mean a disgusting shit head! But like a close girlfriend convinced me, no need of dwelling on the past; especially his tired wore down low life ass!

Anyways, the best part of the day was the birthday sex. I was unaware that one of the lovers from my New York sex triangle was going to show up to my door to surprise me for my big day. It was wonderful to see him and not to mention I was horny as hell! But I didn’t want to have ok sex because it was my birthday; I wanted to have a serious record setting fuck fest! And Mr. Manhattan is always up for the challenge.

We decided to have the first sex of the day be in a scandalous place. The bedroom was an absolute, but kind of boring based on the occasion. I’m a girl who likes to live dangerously so we headed towards the Aventura mall to see what trouble we could get in to! Manhattan loves to give me something wild to write about and October 7th was going to be legendary.

No need to enter the mall, who wants to shop? Straight to the parking garage we went in the midday heat. I had nothing but a short dress on, no bra and no panties; evidently they would be in the way of business. We drove up to the top of the parking garage past all the annoying shoppers and twice past actual cop cars; defying authority is a real turn on!

We parked on the 5th floor, and went for the stairs the only secluded place.  Manhattan quickly checked the perimeter, then pushed me up against the wall and lifted my dress. He used his tongue to get me nice and wet. I had to return the favor and I think I could taste Ms. Galino. Delicious!

It was time to get to what I was missing, the dick! He bent me over the stair rails and invaded me from behind. Do you know how hard it is for me to hold in my moans? Shit it was like I was having a heart attack. What’s funny, I could see people passing on the floors under me. They had no idea of the dick down that was going on above them. He was fucking the hell out me! The filthiness he was saying in my ear caused me to climax. I love this dude! The adventures we have! Happy Birthday to me! To be continued…..

The Definition of A Sexy Man

Every woman has an opinion on what makes a man sexy. So of course I have mine. It’s real simple. I like a humble, down to earth, intellectual man.I’m  more in to how a man carries himself than his physical looks. Some men are ok looking, but they have a swagger that’s unstoppable. Physically attractive men are nice but sometimes I find them just to be something to look at. I prefer smarts and intelligence. That’s what gets me sexually turned on the most. So if he can match physical and intellectual he is a keeper.

I like a man who thinks before he acts and practices self control. A man that prefers being with a woman than hanging with dudes. I never liked a flashy fool, someone who needs constant attention like he is in a popularity contest. I don’t date “gang members.” It really turns me off. Yes I will sleep with men who are a part of the in crowd but that’s about it. If they are flashy and superficial, it ends really quickly because I end up leaving them for someone else.

A self –sufficient man is always sexy. Independence is a must. I love a man that thinks for himself and makes his own decisions. I hate a mama’s boy or a guy who is too close with friends and family. I like my relationships to be private. I don’t like a man talking about our situation with other people. Really pisses me off! I like a man who stands out from the crowd and is a leader. I hate cliques. The shit is stupid and petty. I hate men who need approval from their friends. He has to have complete control over his thoughts. I prefer a don’t give a shit what you think attitude.

Also, I like for a man to control his emotions. I’m the woman here so I don’t need a dramatic bitch for a lover. I hate men who like to fuss with women. Men should know its a losing battle. You are never going to be right so let it go. It really does make you look like a bitch to go back and forth with a girl! I need someone who is caring and considerate with a really good heart. But, not some overly sweet wimp.  I don’t like to always be in control or bossy. The real me hates bossing a man around. It makes him look like a pussy. Last time a check I have one between my legs  and I’m not looking for another one.

Ambition and stability is important. He has to be goal orientated and driven. A money maker is all I will be with. Being me isn’t cheap and there is no need to play like it is. I like to travel and live nicely. Yes I have my own money but having his as well is not a bad thing.

A gentleman with manners gets me every time. Not some foul mouth ass hole that has no respect for women. I like a man to open the door and walk me to my car. It shows he has class and his mama raised him right. Men that call women derogatory names are disgusting. I don’t care how a woman acts or provokes anger; a man should still adhere to being a gentleman. It makes him look civilized and mature in the end. A real man waits to take his anger out in the bed room. That’s when he will punish your ass and make you climb the walls. You know pull that hair and smack that ass. That’s some dangerous shit!

I don’t mind a player as long he is a gentleman with it. I’m usually not with being one of a man’s many women but for a gentleman I just might make an exception. I can’t even smart talk or be nasty to a smooth operator. Hell even I respect his game.  And anytime he wants it he can get it! You know the type of  man that you try to get mad with and you show up to go off on his ass but you end up naked  and on your back. Those are the smooth, calm, gentlemen. My absolute favorite! I can be a real mean bitch but a smooth operator with a killer smile can make me melt. I’ll be like fine! Fuck it! Come over! I’m at his command. He can bring out the freak in me. I’ll be like sure I call one of my girls. Sharing is caring!

Now let’s get to the good part, the sex. He has to be good in bed! If I give him a chance to get between my legs, he better wear that shit out! I like a mixture of rough and smooth. A real man doesn’t worry about who you were with before him. He is just going to make sure he taps that ass so good that you will only think of him. That any man that comes after won’t even compare. See I’m not one to be easily tamed. I’m not big on monogamy unless it’s the right person.The right man will be a long dick stroker and a pussy eater. I like 5 hour sex. Yes damit! I said 5 hours. Not all the time, quickies are nice. But I like stamina and multiple orgasms.  Spontaneity is amazing. I like a man who will take the pussy anywhere and anytime. I like to have sex in the movies, restaurants, car  etc. Even just standing in the kitchen washing dishes and he sneaks up behind and fucks the shit out of me. If a man has the bedroom on lock, then his woman isn’t going anywhere. Romance has to be apart of the equation as well. He has to but effort and energy in making plans for romantic evenings. Not all the time but every once in  awhile is nice.

At the end of the day I’m just like any woman. However, I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve. I have been through too much shit for that. It takes a certain kind and I won’t settle for less. Honestly we don’t have to be in a commitment. But, he still has to meet my standards for even friendship. Sometimes I can act really butch and masculine. I get that it can be intimidating but that’s only to weak ass men. When a man has the qualities I like then I settle my crazy ass right down. Too bad I’ve yet to find these kind of men in South Florida.

One Night

So I was like u know what I want.

Seriously my interest are shallow with no deep intentions

My attitude cold and on target.

He replied I feel you.

But I’m a man with understanding of self.

I have nothing to prove.

I’m not insecure, so there is no reason to brag

I’m not boastful or

full of pride

the characteristics of a school boy past.

I make love  regardless if its a commitment or a short lived romance.

You will be a woman when with me

And I will treat u as such.

I expect so much more and you’ll never be anything less.

At that moment he elevated my interest.

My demeanor and conversation changing

Maturing again

I felt soft and beautiful

He continued

You don’t have to be mine tomorrow

And we don’t have to speak of the future

But when you open up to me

I want to feel like I’m the only man

and my name is the only ever whispered from your lips.

I want you to tell me its mine

And caress me like I’m your king

The deity in which you serve

And in return I will hold you like no other women ever exist. like u were made for only me

And I will appreciate every inch of your body

I want you to feel comfortable

Uninhibited and free

Your true self will be my secret

When the morning comes and we separate

You will think of me.

Desire me

I will be one of the best in your life.

And I will long for you

Awaiting the next time

Even though luv is not defined

By forever

Between us

Or monogamous

We still don’t have to sacrifice romance

It still could be something

beautiful every time we come together

As he spoke

Memories of my femininity


I felt

sophisticated and smooth

I felt like

even if for one night

I could just be a woman

With no boundaries

Or defense

No image protection

Or damage control of the heart

He was a man

And he expected so much more

That I could no longer accept anything less


Balanced Lover Balanced Sex Balanced Life

Sometimes I wonder, If  I will ever find a lover that can give me everything I want.I don’t want to settle and I’m too old to believe in fairy tales. But I still have faith that love with find me and that I shouldn’t waste my life searching. Good things come to those who wait. Being the epitome of the Libra sign, I believe life is all about balance. I don’t want an extreme.  I want a good portion of  everything life has to offer and need that same attitude in a lover. I’ve always dated extreme people and it ended terribly because they can’t understand me. Sometimes I like to party, sometimes I like to stay home, Sometimes I’m conservative, sometimes I’m wild, Sometimes I like to make love, and sometimes I like to fuck. I can’t believe in just one way of life because I see all the possibilities and flaws of any ideology or tradition. A belief could work well for some and not for others.

I’m finding that’s the reason I’m dissatisfied with lovers I’ve had. Because they can live only one way. The world is so big and there is so much to experience. I can’t be trapped in one method of living . I have to be apart of it all. And the only person that can be by my side is some one who is free spirited and open minded. If they see the entire world as an opportunity to explore, that’s the only way they can deal with me and keep my attention. I won’t be judgmental and I won’t succumb to what some call “a traditional life” or a “traditional love”  I need  a love  that frees my soul not confines it!

A Balanced Lover

I need to hear I love you
As you passionately undress me
kiss me softly between my breasts
And then down my thighs.
I need that smooth touch that only you can give
Take your time with me .
I want to experience heaven
I want to feel every flicker of your tongue as it
glides across my softest spot
warm and soothing.
I’m raining.
Enter me slowly with deep gentle stokes of love making
while I lay in your arms.
Remind me that I am your future
Hold my hand as your body presses against mine
caress me and stare into my eyes
At that moment when you release in to me
Let your kiss be stronger and tender
Make me feel like I’m more than woman
I’m your lady.

After we’ve had too much to drink
Take me home
Make me kneel down in front of you
Force yourself into my mouth
until you are rock hard and throbbing
until I gasp for breath
Force me down on to the floor from behind
then shove into me sending a unforgiving shock through my body
Demand a confession
Make me tell you who’s the best.
Make me scream and cry for you to fuck me
Ask me whose pussy is this
Teach me the pleasure in pain
Thrust deep into every part of me
From front to back.
With every pound, remind me of those days when I can’t stand you and won’t give in,
of every vile word I say out of anger
Express your torment and frustration
exercise your rage
I want my legs and your shoulders to meet
So that I have to accept every inch of you
Make me constrict so tightly that it feels as if my body is sucking you
I want your taste to explode on to my lips
Prove to me the strength of a man

Give me what I need the most
Every thought
Every experience
Every emotion
I want you to lust me
I want you to love me
I want to be the conventional and the inappropriate
The pride and the secret
the conformist and the explicit
the proper and the dirty
The fantasy and the reality
I want to be the balance
I want to be, your everything

Boring Sex Part 2 (The Poem I’ll Invite You Over)

Last night
I wanted you to come over
But I lost my nerve
for the fear of you  ruining it
With conversation and interrogation
on who was here the night before
Which was no one
But why do I have to explain.
If you just can open my door with no will to speak
and find your way to me in the darkness
Then I’ll light a candle
and watch you undress
Touching myself as every piece of clothing drops to the floor
Please just stand there in the moonlight
Only sounds are my breath racing faster as my finger beats my clit like a drum
Let your teeth be  the only part of you
My body
Clinching my breast
tightly as I descend into heaven
With no mumble or sputter you lay beside me as you’re stroking solo. The cream that I crave releases and pours out on to the sheets which I sleep on.
This way you will be all over me as I toss and turn through the night.
If you can just give me this one request of silence
I’ll invite you over.

Boring Sex (Why Men Can’t find the Freak of Their Dreams)

So Jonathan and I were having our usual sex conversation for lunch. And today’s convo is about how boring most peoples sex lives are. My input is that most people are so scared to admit their sexuality because of what they think society will say about them. If men keep calling women derogatory names, spreading rumors, and ridiculing women every time they do something sexual, it causes women to be very cautious and clam up when it comes to having uninhibited sex. That’s why so many women make it hard for a man to get a little action from them because they are scared of the reputation that will come from it. Basically, men need to shut the hell up! You are the reason why you are not having the crazy, exciting, mind blowing sex you could have. No woman wants to be ridiculed or talked about when it comes to her bedroom behavior.
It’s 2011,  sex should no longer be taboo. But, it’s because of how society makes it seem like the filthiest disgusting thing you can do; when sex is a natural human emotion. People have been fucking all kinds of ways since the beginning of time. If a man is talking negative about other women in front of a woman, he has just scared her to death. She doesn’t want the same thing to be said about her so she keeps her nasty freak to herself. What girl  wants to suck your dick if you just called another woman a nasty trick because she likes to give blow jobs? Duh!
We need to learn how to embrace and respect sex. Or, we will keep having boring sex lives with our mates. Dozens of  men sneak outside their marriage because they keep running their mouths and putting all these stereotypes on sex or  women who are sexually open causing their wives to stress out and not want to get nasty. So these men have to fuck every other woman to get that freak he is missing at home! I’ve heard on T.V., music, and in person these desires by men to marry a real freaky girl but can’t find her. In the same breath, call women who are freaky nasty names. Well now you see why you can’t find her idiot. Your fucking mouth is the problem.
Granted women talk alot, but that is well known about women. It makes men look like chatty bitches if they tell what goes down in their bedroom. And no man loving woman wants to fuck a chatty bitch! IF you men are all about the sex like you say you are then you would keep quiet to continue getting the sex!
You have these men who talk shit about a woman is a dumb hoe if she is open about sex. Keep on and you will be the ones marrying Mrs. Frigid who only fucks you in the beginning to get the ring. And as soon as you walk down the aisle the sex comes to a stop! Happens a lot! Why do you think the divorce rate is so high? Because women are not the freaks they need to be to keep their husbands from wandering outside the home! You do have women who are not sexual and these dumb ass immature boys marry them because of the traditional bullshit they have been taught and end up miserable and unhappy. MEN NEED SEX PERIOD! They require blow jobs on the regular. If women and men were more realistic about sex, we wouldn’t need prostitutes who have to do the dirty job!
Keep associating good or bad girls with sexual activity and these scary frigid women  are what you’ll  keep getting! Just stupid! If men would shut the fuck up and only talk about sex in a positive way, more women would feel comfortable and would give more sex without a lot of “relationship” red tape. There are a lot a women who don’t really want a commitment, however have to play that game because of fear of being labeled. A woman sometimes just want to suck and fuck the hell out of a man, but refrain because she knows that the whole city will find out!
You dumb ass little boys think that us women don’t know you sit around and talk about us? You’re crazy!  My blog mates and I have made a profession out of it! We don’t care what you say.We are open about our sexual activity. But, a lot of other  women do care!
Calling women names like chicken head, hoe, trick, skeezer just contributes to younger women hating sexuality and as they mature it gets worse. I’ve had it happen to me where I liked a guy so much that I wanted to be freaky but his damn mouth stood in the way and I just gave up on his rude ass. I mean I was sitting there mouth and pussy wet and he just kept talking shit. Talked his self right out of a blow job! He was fine as hell and I wanted to freak the shit out of him but he kept interrogating me and I could tell him and his little silly boyfriends were talking about me. All he got was some so so sex and that was it! No freaky shit at all!
As much as us feminist don’t like to admit it, the world still is led by the actions of men. If they continue to be disrespectful and hurtful women will continue to fear sex. And who suffers the most? The men and their dicks!

The Compromise Between a Man and a Woman.

You want a good girl,
sweet and pure like the word virgin.
But I’m a woman.
I can’t promise purity from inexperience.
My heart
along with my body,
have experienced love and lost of love.
I’m proud of that.
I have gained something that is better than innocence.
I have wisdom and understanding of self.

I will not try to persuade you
by disguising my womanhood with girl like acts
or outlandish fairy tales hiding the truth.
I will not compromise my inner peace
and trade it in for adolescent insecurity
to make you feel like I’m yours.
I want you to be my man
and feel strong in that position.
At the same time,
I have to feel honored as a woman respectfully.

I can’t offer phrases like
I never or you are my first.
But I can guarantee that every word I whisper
is genuine and true.
I can’t go backwards to be your girl.
But I’m fully committed to
moving forward as your lady.

The Combination of Vibration and Penatration

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foXFgJT9_w8 420 315

(The videos in English)

I’ve talked about my precious J. R . (Jack Rabbit) in previous blogs, I was introduced to him when I was very young. It was a house warming gift for my first apartment. J is  still so good to be me after all these years, I felt I should dedicate an entire entry to him.  I’ve said before that my bedroom does not have the revolving door that is assumed. I’m kind of picky about sex. I’ve had my wild nights or moments but not like most think. I’ve decided to only give myself frequently to Jack. He knows my spots and he is sitting in my dresser draw waiting on me everyday I get home from work. Such a good boy!

Sometimes Jack and I like to have threesomes. Last weekend, you know the perfect W weekend, I brought Jack along to meet Mr. Chicago. They got along well. I decided while riding Chi-town to use Jack on my clitoris since that’s his specialty. Mr. Chicago got really excited as I started to scream because of the combination of vibration and penetration.  My goodness it’s like my soul literally left my body and floated out into the ocean. I swear I was speaking Swahili. Jack causes me to speak different languages and have convulsions; or, a sudden case of Tourette syndrome.  I yelled out shit, muthafucka, fuckty fuck fuck damn damn damn pirates of the Caribbean! The look on Mr. Chi’s face was priceless. He just laughed “Wtf? Damn girl you’re wild as hell!” But, all in all I think he enjoyed his self. I’ve even included Jack in on a lil girl on girl action. He and Janet are well acquainted. He’s made her croon a couple high octaves. Hell I didn’t know she could sing like that. Girly has quite a voice in the bedroom; oh, and on the beach around 12 a.m. too!  I also, enjoy a man to watch me pleasure myself or we watch each other masturbate. I have a Jack rabbit deluxe as well. That’s a rotating penis with a clit stimulator. Girl, it’s the best 139 dollars you’ll spend in your lifetime. Better and cheaper than the first pair of Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes I purchased; which are the holy grail for me!

Every woman should have a vibrator she can count on. I keep a year’s supply of AA rechargeable batteries. That’s all Mr. Rabbit requires to get by. The best boyfriend ever! He never talks back and he concentrates on the most important aspect of our relationship; making me cum! I’ve locked myself in on weekends so me and Jack could spend some much needed undisturbed quality time. Some might be embarrassed about sex toys, But it’s the safest most efficient sex you’ll ever have. And you can include them in your sex life with your companion. It enhances the climax for you and your partner.  But, it’s no reason for men to think that sex toys could replace the real thing. Or women shouldn’t think it’s something disgusting to hide. I’ve dated a guy who was jealous of my vibrator like some kind of weirdo. I told him that if he would handle his business then Jack wouldn’t have to pick up the slack! And, he could leave at anytime but this is Jack’s home and he is going no where! Needless to say that relationship didn’t last.

Jack has helped me through all my love loss woes. He is always there to comfort me.  Sometimes I wear him out and have to purchase his clone. But, its money well spent. He keeps a smile on my face and my bitchiness to a minimum. I’m a grown woman; sex, orgasms, and satisfaction is apart of maturity. I’m not one of these girls who like to fake it about sexual gratification like its not important! Bullshit! Damit I have to cum! I just like sex to be in my life without nonsense and frustration. And if I have to continue pleasing myself to have a peace of mind and a peaceful life, then so be it. I suggest all you ladies make a smart investment.

Does Size Matter? Or is it the Hardness that Counts?








Some women love a big thick penis.For me, Yes it does feel good. The best is if the man has a smooth tasty big thick one that can get hard as a rock. That’s the most important but underestimated value I’m noticing. We always talk about a man size; however I haven’t heard a woman talk about how hard the man was. I love big dicks, but I an average size one that gets super hard is just as good. I’ve been with men who have a good 6 to 7 inches if that, but they get really firm causing me to have an outstanding orgasm.

I do know women who hate to have sex with a man that is more than 7 inches. Not me! Shit I like them big ones. I promise I’ll sit on it and make it disapear! You can do alot more when a man  is packing a few extra inches. He can L.D. you better from crazy postions. I like to be picked up with my legs around his waist. Or, I like to lay on my stomach with my legs closed. Both positions require length. At the same time, if a woman keeps in shape and has tight kegal muscles, a regular size  can put in major work!

If a man has good rhythm and technique then he ‘ll be a good lover no matter what size he is. It’s all about the chemistry you have with him and the knowledge he has about mind blowing sex. There are some big dick men who don’t get hard enough and don’t know what to do with all that meat. I’ve been there. What a waste! If a woman has found herself a champion who knows how to tap those walls leading straight to the Gspot, She will love that dick regardless.

The 3rd Kind 

The 1st kind is his mind which I’m in love with.
The second kind is his body which keeps me attracted.
But it’s his 3rd kind that extends between his thighs ending almost at his knee,
that truly knows how to get right to the heart of me.

Awaking to Sex in the Morning (Take me on the Table)

I know everyone is wondering what happened this weekend. Finally a breath of fresh air, it was phenomenal. My long distance love and I met up at the W hotel Miami which was the perfect scene for the affair. We started with a late night dinner at Mr. Chow where we shared fantasies that we’d promised over the phone to only share when we saw each other.

What he told me  got me so hot and bothered, I couldn’t wait to continue the seduction at the Wall. The hot crowded club and the vodka caused our bodies to touch and rub all night. I decided I wasn’t going to wait until the man makes the first move like I usually do. I grabbed his hand and placed it between my legs as we bumped and grind on the dance floor. Then, I went in for the kiss. Damn, I like the aggressive me, something new.  I could feel that kiss in my knees which tells me of what was to come. We spent the last 5 songs in the most passionate lip lock.

Wet and hard, we continued into the elevator. Furthering my take control attitude, I unzipped his pants to see what he was working with. Yahtzee!  It definitely was time to get to the bed. As the elevator doors opened he picked my solid ass up and threw me over his shoulders. Once we were in the room, he turned on the music and  lowered the lights. He remembered our phones conversations about my need for romance; he lit the candles and had wine waiting. Good boy!

Feeling good and sexy, I pushed him down on to the bed and demanded “Watch me!” In my highest come fuck me heels, I turned up the music and put on the sexiest private performance . Stripping down out of my dress, I gave him a special lap dance. I can shake this ass!  Then, I made him stand up so that I could slowly remove all of his clothes; starting with his shirt, then sliding down on my knees to his removes his pants. I made sure to enjoy every inch of that gorgeous body, caressing his thighs against my face and using my tongue up and down his chest. Nice I must say!

The  sex that night was outstanding! We ended up on the balcony overlooking Miami Beach. But he remembered everything I shared with him during our long phone conversations, because the morning was even better. My favorite is to be surprised with love making in the morning.  I was comatose after the 2 a.m. session. However, I was awakened to him sliding deep inside me at the break of dawn. He was hitting all of my spots, I climaxed to his rhythm.  I wish I could wake up every morning like this. Starts the day off right.  Just when I thought it was over, he picked me up and carried me to the shower where it continued. Perfect!  The hot water and suds while he made love to me from behind was relaxing. Just what I needed. I like a man that talks dirty in my ear and moans when he cums.

As we stepped out the shower, breakfast arrived,Mimosas and strawberries. Damn dude listens. My girl and her good referrals. Again, I wasn’t going to wait for the man like I usually do. I dropped that towel covering me and laid back on the breakfast table in front of him, opened my legs and commanded him to “eat this!” The best oral sex of my life, shit!

I feel rejuvenated and calm this week. He texted me once he returned to Chicago, “I can still taste that good pussy” Again remembering how much I love dirty text messages!  Maybe this will be my last blog writing about him. Things are starting off amazing and I want it to stay that way. This is going to be a beautiful friendship. I can’t wait until our next visit.

I like It Rough

I’m involved with a jealous, aggressive man. This is a new experience for me. My girl, advised me, if I wanted to have the best sex of my life then I should aggravate his angry side. It seems to be the theme of the blogs this week. So I conference called some of my other girlfriends to hear their opinions on provoking a man’s jealousy. These three are all in serious relationships, and they all agreed their men fuck better when they think another man is invading their territory. They encouraged me to try it and see what happens. Women!  I usually don’t play these types of games. I don’t like anger and hostility. But, I was kind of curious.

His sex is fantastic when he is in a good mood, so I could only imagine his feisty side.  I was guaranteed his angry sex is like walking on the moon. So I called the expert to devise the perfect plan to extract the beast within. We talked for two hours about the scenario. I was confident that I could carry out the plan exactly. She can piss a man of like no other. I’ve seen it, so I knew it would work.

I  invited him to go dancing with me and a couple of friends. What he didn’t know is my ex boyfriend who I still fuck from time to time D.J.s at the club we were going to. My ex  likes to approach me when I’m with a date so it was a perfect plot.  I never wear panties when I go out. I don’t see the point when they’re coming off anyways. But I was instructed that I had to wear a cheap pair of black underwear accompanied by a bra. Seems like a lot for me, but it was  for him to have more to tear off during his rage. Once the security alerted me that he was on his way up, I took a deep breath and eased into character. My Iphone buzzing like crazy with text messages “You can do this girl, Game on!”

As soon as we entered into the club, I pushed through the crowd reaching the D.J. both. My ex cued right on time. He came down to greet me with an inappropriate hug which I continued with a kiss on the cheek. Being that my lover is Italian, it doesn’t take much for him to get heated. But, he was trying to play it cool.  So I decided to raise the stakes, I bought him a bottle of  patron  and then  I started to ignore him while talking and dancing with my ex and his friends. Yeah, that’s was the straw that broke the camel’s back. He started shoving through the crowd quickly. Next thing I knew, he grabbed my arm and forced me out of the club yelling “It’s time to go! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” I acted surprised like I didn’t have a clue of what was going on.

We argued the entire time in the cab. Drunk and dazed, he chased me through the lobby and into the elevator. The plan was in effect. The elevator ride couldn’t get any better. He ripped my panties as expected. I wondered if the security camera was recording while he was licking my pussy. Of course I had to play like I didn’t want it. I put up a fight, I screamed no as much as possible until we reached my floor. I told him he couldn’t come in, yeah right! I tried to close the door; he forced his way in and grabbed me by the hair forcing me down on the floor. This man is like a movie fantasy. He made me ride him as he held  my neck and put his fingers in my mouth. Every thing he said was like a script in a heated hot movie scene. “Yeah bitch, you like it!” Yeah ride that dick!” Damn! Where does he get the energy to keep going for hours? Wow! What can I  say except angry sex is the shit! I’ve been missing out! I called to tell the girls the next morning once he left. Their response was “I told you so!” I guess jealousy in a man is sexy.