Does Size Matter? Or is it the Hardness that Counts?








Some women love a big thick penis.For me, Yes it does feel good. The best is if the man has a smooth tasty big thick one that can get hard as a rock. That’s the most important but underestimated value I’m noticing. We always talk about a man size; however I haven’t heard a woman talk about how hard the man was. I love big dicks, but I an average size one that gets super hard is just as good. I’ve been with men who have a good 6 to 7 inches if that, but they get really firm causing me to have an outstanding orgasm.

I do know women who hate to have sex with a man that is more than 7 inches. Not me! Shit I like them big ones. I promise I’ll sit on it and make it disapear! You can do alot more when a man  is packing a few extra inches. He can L.D. you better from crazy postions. I like to be picked up with my legs around his waist. Or, I like to lay on my stomach with my legs closed. Both positions require length. At the same time, if a woman keeps in shape and has tight kegal muscles, a regular size  can put in major work!

If a man has good rhythm and technique then he ‘ll be a good lover no matter what size he is. It’s all about the chemistry you have with him and the knowledge he has about mind blowing sex. There are some big dick men who don’t get hard enough and don’t know what to do with all that meat. I’ve been there. What a waste! If a woman has found herself a champion who knows how to tap those walls leading straight to the Gspot, She will love that dick regardless.

The 3rd Kind 

The 1st kind is his mind which I’m in love with.
The second kind is his body which keeps me attracted.
But it’s his 3rd kind that extends between his thighs ending almost at his knee,
that truly knows how to get right to the heart of me.

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