The Combination of Vibration and Penatration 420 315

(The videos in English)

I’ve talked about my precious J. R . (Jack Rabbit) in previous blogs, I was introduced to him when I was very young. It was a house warming gift for my first apartment. J is  still so good to be me after all these years, I felt I should dedicate an entire entry to him.  I’ve said before that my bedroom does not have the revolving door that is assumed. I’m kind of picky about sex. I’ve had my wild nights or moments but not like most think. I’ve decided to only give myself frequently to Jack. He knows my spots and he is sitting in my dresser draw waiting on me everyday I get home from work. Such a good boy!

Sometimes Jack and I like to have threesomes. Last weekend, you know the perfect W weekend, I brought Jack along to meet Mr. Chicago. They got along well. I decided while riding Chi-town to use Jack on my clitoris since that’s his specialty. Mr. Chicago got really excited as I started to scream because of the combination of vibration and penetration.  My goodness it’s like my soul literally left my body and floated out into the ocean. I swear I was speaking Swahili. Jack causes me to speak different languages and have convulsions; or, a sudden case of Tourette syndrome.  I yelled out shit, muthafucka, fuckty fuck fuck damn damn damn pirates of the Caribbean! The look on Mr. Chi’s face was priceless. He just laughed “Wtf? Damn girl you’re wild as hell!” But, all in all I think he enjoyed his self. I’ve even included Jack in on a lil girl on girl action. He and Janet are well acquainted. He’s made her croon a couple high octaves. Hell I didn’t know she could sing like that. Girly has quite a voice in the bedroom; oh, and on the beach around 12 a.m. too!  I also, enjoy a man to watch me pleasure myself or we watch each other masturbate. I have a Jack rabbit deluxe as well. That’s a rotating penis with a clit stimulator. Girl, it’s the best 139 dollars you’ll spend in your lifetime. Better and cheaper than the first pair of Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes I purchased; which are the holy grail for me!

Every woman should have a vibrator she can count on. I keep a year’s supply of AA rechargeable batteries. That’s all Mr. Rabbit requires to get by. The best boyfriend ever! He never talks back and he concentrates on the most important aspect of our relationship; making me cum! I’ve locked myself in on weekends so me and Jack could spend some much needed undisturbed quality time. Some might be embarrassed about sex toys, But it’s the safest most efficient sex you’ll ever have. And you can include them in your sex life with your companion. It enhances the climax for you and your partner.  But, it’s no reason for men to think that sex toys could replace the real thing. Or women shouldn’t think it’s something disgusting to hide. I’ve dated a guy who was jealous of my vibrator like some kind of weirdo. I told him that if he would handle his business then Jack wouldn’t have to pick up the slack! And, he could leave at anytime but this is Jack’s home and he is going no where! Needless to say that relationship didn’t last.

Jack has helped me through all my love loss woes. He is always there to comfort me.  Sometimes I wear him out and have to purchase his clone. But, its money well spent. He keeps a smile on my face and my bitchiness to a minimum. I’m a grown woman; sex, orgasms, and satisfaction is apart of maturity. I’m not one of these girls who like to fake it about sexual gratification like its not important! Bullshit! Damit I have to cum! I just like sex to be in my life without nonsense and frustration. And if I have to continue pleasing myself to have a peace of mind and a peaceful life, then so be it. I suggest all you ladies make a smart investment.