The Compromise Between a Man and a Woman.

You want a good girl,
sweet and pure like the word virgin.
But I’m a woman.
I can’t promise purity from inexperience.
My heart
along with my body,
have experienced love and lost of love.
I’m proud of that.
I have gained something that is better than innocence.
I have wisdom and understanding of self.

I will not try to persuade you
by disguising my womanhood with girl like acts
or outlandish fairy tales hiding the truth.
I will not compromise my inner peace
and trade it in for adolescent insecurity
to make you feel like I’m yours.
I want you to be my man
and feel strong in that position.
At the same time,
I have to feel honored as a woman respectfully.

I can’t offer phrases like
I never or you are my first.
But I can guarantee that every word I whisper
is genuine and true.
I can’t go backwards to be your girl.
But I’m fully committed to
moving forward as your lady.