Tasting The D.J.

My spin on fellatio, it depends on the man. I don’t mind exposing that I give great head. Looking at a man’s facial expressions and listening to his moans gets me wet. Even though I’m a sucker, doesn’t mean every one gets the pleasure. There is one in particular that I just can’t keep my mouth off of. He is undeniably succulent; I refuse to be alone in the same room with his luscious self.

My ex, lets call him Mr. D.J., I have a serious weak spot for. When we were together, I couldn’t  stay off my knees. He had the most intoxicating taste. I would suck him until he was hard as a rock then he would fuck the hell out of me, stop and lick my pussy until I would cum; then continue to fuck me to intensify the orgasm. I was in love with everything about him. And of course, the duchebag broke my heart. Fucking men are never satisfied. But I’m not a girl who dwells in the past.

There are days when I’m alone, I can’t take my mind of the sex we use to have. My lovers now handle my hunger. But, I still miss him and those nights where I use to crawl across the room on all fours, unzip his pants,  deep throat him until he would cum and beg me to stop. He has that kind of effect on me. Love is powerful!

As long as we are not alone together I can manage to control my mild obsession for him. But I won’t take his phone calls or allow him to drop by. I found out he has a fetish for fucking models and I was just one of many. He was the closest thing to monogamy that I’ve experienced since college. I can admit now how much he hurt me and that he is the one man that I’m not willing to share.

The Imprint of Your Dick

I can’t help but to suck you

and suck you until my lips are bruised with

the imprint of your dick.

As I walk  in public from here to there

I’ll proudly wear without a care

the imprint of your dick

And I will confess it

that there is no limit

on how long I will suck it

I can’t go a day

maybe just an hour or two

because I won’t allow it to vanish

I have to taste you until

the imprint of your dick again

on my lips is visible-EM