NEW ONE BY JAZZ LYNN “Balancing Sexuailty and Religion”

sexyI keep seeing these things on Pinterest about ‘how to have a successful marriage.’ I pretty much have stopped reading them because it almost always some extreme religious woman who talks about loyalty and ‘serving’ her husband, praying, and all but completely avoids the subject of sex.

Now, I am not being prejudice against religion. If it works for you, and makes you a better person, then pray, attend church and live by God. I, and no one else, is going to (or should try to) stop you. Hopefully you and your partner have discussed at length religion, you have the same views, and the slews of marriage advice on Pinterest will work for you.

But…. What about advice for the rest of us? We might be religious women who balance our beliefs with our sexuality and feminism…. Or we might be the atheist women of the world. You cannot tell me divorce rates are higher (or lower) in these groups. So, for the marriages that do work, what makes them tick? What should women do when they think their life is not meant to serve a man, but rather be his partner in their life together?

I am not married yet, and i do not claim to be some relationship guru, but I have been with my fiancé for some time. I am about to marry him in two months, and I wouldn’t be taking this big step if I had any doubts. This is my list for why our relationship works. Maybe it will work for you and your partner. It is pretty short, so read on:

1) Sex…. Why skirt around a major issue? No, it isn’t the most important thing, but it is the thing that tends to be ‘forgotten’ or ‘dwindles’ when time is short, kids (or in the case of my fiancé and I, dogs) take up our time and responsibility, and work or school stresses us out. So what has worked for us? Making a point to, for one, listen to our bodies. If I feel especially randy, I send him sexy text messages, talk dirty and tell him to rip my clothes of, or I just grab him and play with him until he can’t ignore me . There have been plenty of times that he wakes up in the morning and ravages me. We act on our feelings, albeit at appropriate times…. Most of the time anyway!

We also make an effort to have sex – don’t mistake this for ‘scheduling’ sex…. This isn’t a chore or a job. And sex shouldn’t be treated as such. Sure, it was ultimately meant for reproduction, but lets face it – we have sex because it feels good and is fun! So, if we have a rare moment alone, or go on a nice date, we get in the mood – and even if we are tired, we get it on! Oh, and you are a sexy woman, so act it! Wear something that makes you feel beautiful. Your confidence will shine through and he will hardly be able to resist you!

2) Communicate – another thing that either goes to the wayside, or is misinterpreted. The biggest thing to remember is guys are simple…. So if you hint at something (ie: playing with your hair expecting him to notice you had an inch cut off) and he doesn’t respond, how can you get mad at him? Just ask him! Tell him! In plain and simple terms, say what you mean, don’t imply. On the same note, if he tells you something point blank, don’t get upset about it, especially of you asked – guys just do not beat around the bush. I would rather have a straight answer than for him to lie or skirt around an issue because he is worried how I might react. *disclaimer – how a woman reacts during her menses should never be taken as her true reaction*.

As for him, if he is a gamer, or buried in his work, etc, etc, make sure you set aside time to talk – and make sure he knows it, without nagging him. Like – let him finish his thought, or the current mission (yes, my honey is a gamer) before you hound him to talk…. his free time is just as important as yours.

My fiancé is an EXTREME procrastinator – so I ask him point blank at least once a week ‘are there any plans I need to know about?’ He knows I am the planner, so he has gotten into the habit to just tell me what is going on when he finds out, and it goes into my handy dandy calendar. He tells me and he can forget. I will plan around said event, and I let him know what is going on… Know your nature, and his, and use this to communicate and plan.

3) compliment each other. Tell each other you love each other. Simple.

4) Be you. Always. And stand by it. Be confident every day in who you are. You are who he fell in live with.

5) Spend time apart. You are not attached at each other’s hip. Hang out with your friends, and he with his. You have the same friends? You can still make plans separately. Or, hang out in separate rooms at a party. Really, it is ok. Have your hobbies, and he his. It’s great to share these thing with each other, but sometimes you want to do things by yourself, or have a girls night out…. And that is ok for BOTH of you. No need to be a grade A clinger or the investigative girlfriend. And, to the investigator, if you don’t trust him and have to know his every move, you have bigger problems and should move on. Be with someone you have a little faith in.

6) Be loyal. Yes. Of course! You are committing your life to each other, after all!

7) Serve?! I dunno about all that… But YES, do things for each other, and be nice when accepting what he does for you! Make the effort to make a nice dinner, plan a night out, get him a ‘just because’ gift, or grab him his favorite snack once in a while at the grocery store… And if he does the same for you, don’t be critical! It’s the gesture and the thought that matters! Plus, if you are like me and were engaged FOREVER then you should have had plenty of time to know each other’s likes and dislikes – so he shouldn’t mess up too bad!! Just kidding

Which brings me to my last point

laugh together! In the words of the joker ‘why so serious?!’

Be sarcastic, watch funny movies, tell each other jokes, and, yes, it’s ok if you fart in front of him!! After all, who has time to constantly watch their back all the time and not let the funny little errors happen? The laughter is what makes life worth living!

~ Jazz Lynn

The Trojan Wars (Janet)


sensual 66


Well well well it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog. I’ve been too busy living life and focusing on my relationship with Green-Eyes. Sexually, we’ve explored every fantasy we’ve come up with. But, something has been on my mind. A new fantasy but extremely risky. Green-Eye’s brother has moved in with him for a while. And, I’m starting to find myself infatuated with him. The other morning, I forgot he was in the apartment. I went to the bathroom topless and in my panties. He saw me while standing in the kitchen. When I realized he was watching me, I stood in the bathroom doorway so he could get a full glance of my body. He smiled and whispered “damn you’re sexy Janet.” I wanted him to come to me, grab me by the neck, bend me over the sink, and fuck me. I got so wet. I went back into the bedroom and left the door open. While Green-Eyes was sleeping, I pulled the covers back and put him into my mouth. I wanted his brother to hear him moan.I wished he would’ve walked into the room and took me from behind.

I’ve always wanted to have a threesome with two men. I know a few of my girlfriends have tried it. They say it’s was a fabulous experience. But, to want my lover and his brother? I don’t know how Green-Eyes would react. I don’t want to lose him. And, I don’t want to cause problems between him and his brother. I hope to quickly get over this lust for him. What if we find ourselves alone? I don’t trust myself. I’ve imagined him deep inside me. I wonder if he is as good as Green-Eyes. Could he make me orgasm like his brother does? Even if Green-Eyes wouldn’t allow him to fuck me, I hope he’ll let him lick my pussy.

My fantasy is out now. I’ll have to deal with the consequences of my man reading this. Thanks Emmanuelle for giving me time to make the decision to post this.



It was during a rainstorm when I first laid eyes on you.

That’s where we first made love

And ever since then I can’t get enough of you

You wanted to own me

Completely control me
But not by bruises you conquered me
It was from the inside out.
You won over my passion by seducing my heart

You understood that I was free.

And you desired to enhance that.

I am so uninhibited with you

I am willing to do anything

Nothing brings me more satisfaction

Than to see pleasure in your eyes

So I keep giving you whatever you want

Whether we are in a public or in private

I give in to you

You taught me how all the stares could give the maximum high

So I let them watch us

You made me experience another female touch

And I realized that I am freak.

I am no longer ashamed of that

I’m out

You make me see myself naked

I am now obsessed with my nudity

I am scholar of eroticism and you the teacher

I love it when you lay back and watch me make myself flow.

You explained that was a necessity, for my own personal growth.

And just to think I was locked away.

Shell shocked


But now I am rescued

With you I can admit I am weak


And you bring me to my knees

I am content with kneeling there

my fantasies are exposed

You had your hand in that.

You are my muse

The very sex my orgasms are made of

They are produced by every move of you

You’ve reached the deepest part of me

repeatedly breaking down my walls

sending vibrations through my body

My thighs shake

And soon I am flying free

Unbound by rules

Released from restriction

My pleasure no longer depends on the permission of another.


You’re not afraid of who I am

With us there is no fear

I am everywhere and you are right beside me

Your dreams I make come true

Your demands I execute

and I like it

This is what I’ve always wanted to be



Free- spirited




Sex Photography




I’m sitting at the bar, trying to avoid green-eyes. I watched my phone spend around vibrating while my guilty conscience got the best of me. I won’t answer because I can’t bring myself to tell him about the photo session I had last night with a well- known Manhattan photographer. I’ve tried to keep my word to my green-eyed lover. I promised him I would give up any other male lovers I had. But, how was I to know this was going to happen?

This certain photographer has offered to shoot me a couple of times in the past. I usually turned him down knowing that he wanted more than a photo session. However, I was in desperate need of new photos for my portfolio. Most models would give their lives for a shoot with him. I thought I could handle his advances. Things started off great. We managed to get some really good shots in his loft. We worked for an hour before deciding to take a wine break. The conversation was friendly, until we drank half of the second bottle of Grigio. With each sip, he became sexier and sexier. He moved in closer and started kissing my neck. He begin to unbutton my pants and I let him. He picked me up and placed me on my knees on the kitchen counter.He moved my panties to the side and put his tongue deep inside me. His tongue moved back and forth on my clit. I have to admit how good it felt. The spontaneity of the moment turned me on. He picked me up again and carried me over to the sofa, where he continued licking my pussy all night until I feel asleep.

I woke up this morning feeling horrible. I don’t know if green eyes will forgive me this time. We are trying to be in a serious commitment. How is he ever going to trust me again? Especially, in an industry like this where everyone tries to sleep with the models. I’ve never felt this remorseful in my life






Angry Sexy Part 2 (Manhattan Tears)


Crying from heartbreak isn’t my thing. But, after walking into Kiss and Fly on Friday night and catching my green-eyed lover holding another woman; I nearly went insane. I agreed to an open relationship. However, I don’t want to see him with women in places we mutually hang out at. Wtf was he thinking? I approached the girl and told her to take her hands of my man. I didn’t mean for things to get out of hand.We don’t believe in fighting with other women about men. But, I was fucking pissed. This woman and I exchanged words when I pushed him out of anger. Emmanuelle, pushed her down because she doesn’t like anyone screaming at me.Thankfully, we didn’t go to jail. My girl always has my back. Green-eyes made me leave the club with him. I couldn’t hold back the tears during the taxi ride home. Poor Elle, we left her at the club. But, I knew she understood.

“I love you, and I didn’t realize how much it would hurt me to see you with someone else,” I told him. “Oh really, how about the men I’ve been hearing about Janet,” He screamed. “You can do whatever you want to, and I’m supposed to wait around for you right?” “I’m sorry, but I love you,” I responded. With tears in my eyes, I undressed him. I wanted him inside of me; it makes me feel like he belongs to only me. “That’s all you want from me right, to fuck you all the time?” He said.  He picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. “I’m in love with you Janet! You keep playing games! What do you expect me to do?” He said. “I don’t know,” I cried. “I’m in love with you too” “You need to make up your fucking mind. I’m not going to keep waiting around for you,” he responded.”You know I don’t want any other girl.But, do you love me enough to be with only me Janet?” “I know I love you. I don’t feel like this with any other man,” I responded “Please fuck me!”

We made love for the rest of the night; and we stayed in bed all Saturday. I know that I have to make a decision regarding what I want from him. Do I want things to continue the way they are and risk losing him one day? Or, will I give him the relationship that he wants? I’m so confused right now.

Sex in Paradise

After a long day of work, I needed a hot shower and my bed. My horniness persuaded me to call green-eyes  like usual. However, he was downtown and unavailable. I decided to use the new toys given to us for review. I closed my eyes, opened my legs, and drifted into an erotic fantasy. I’m anxious for tropical weather and hot beach sex. I used the exotic scene of the private bungalow in the keys to get me off. The more the vibrator stroked my spots, I thought about my girls lying on the beach, touching, while watching me and green-eyes making love in the water. He strokes me deep and hard while I stare at the shore. There, Emmanuelle lays on top of Sandra as they kiss. Their bodies grind together and I can hear them moan. When we vacation together, things turn extremely sensual; since we all share the same passion for sexual fulfillment and relaxation.

The new toys are pretty good. Thinking of sex in paradise while using my new 5 speed lover caused me to  climax quickly. I can’t wait to jump on a plane with my girls. It’s going to be quite an adventure. Be sure to check out our review of the new toys, on our new erotic site “The Kinky Peach” coming soon…

During the Storm…(Janet)

I like to knock on his door spontaneously. When he opens, I force my way in and head straight to the bathroom. His loft is one of the only apartments left with an old tub. I light the candles, put on my Nina Simone playlist, and make sure the suds are warm. He keeps my favorite wine for occasions like this.

I open the window and let the rain fall in. I undress and get into the bath; he follows. We are one of the tallest couples in New York. But, we don’t seem to mind our legs hanging off the side of the tub. I feel him getting hard behind me. I would never let his erection go to waste.  I slide him into me backwards. Up and down I ride until we both climax. Relaxation and rainstorms, Manhattan specialties.

I’ll Meet You In The Tunnel

Tonight the weather is warm.  In about 20 mins, I’m going to meet green-eyes in one of the dark tunnels in Central Park for a late night fuck session. It’s another way, to keep the romance alive in our “unofficial” relationship. We love to fuck in public. We’ve done it all over the city. I wonder how many cameras have captured us?

Emmannuelle and I, hit the streets today to find freaky costumes to dress up our sexcapades . I bought the perfect crotchless panties for a night like this. Then again, maybe I’ll go with the eatable undies. I love it when he eats my cherry. Time to take a shower and get going wink

Adding a Little Spice

The romance between green-eyes and I, hasn’t slowed down since we met. We decided that monogamy wasn’t for us. He has his hunger for life and so do I. However, I love him still. Even though we say we are free agents, the sex is still as passionate as ever.

He continues to show up with new ideas to keep things interesting. Just the other night, he decided to stop by with his friends Paul and Natalie. The reason for the visit was to show Natalie how to ride a man properly. After a couple of joints, we all got naked. I jumped on top of my green –eyed lover and begin to demonstrate how to properly ride a man’s dick until he cums. The couple watched in amazement. Now it was the Columbia law students turn to show us what they’ve learned. Good girl Natalie, she earned her A.

It Turns Me on When He……………………..


“ When he texts me to meet him at the movie theater on 68th in the middle of the day. Once we’re in the dark alone, he gets on his knees, and tastes me until I cum. Then he quickly leaves to return to work” ~ Janet Galino


“ When he gets into bed and uses nothing but his tongue to lick down the middle of my breast; ending up between my thighs. His tongue continually savors every part of my body”

~ Emmanuelle Monet


“ When he takes me for a ride on his motorbike through the city at night when the streets are empty. He makes me put my hands in his pants. I caress him until his cums,”

~ Sandra Parker-Roth


“ When he shows up to my office at lunch, closes my door, and bends me over my desk. We enjoy a little afternoon delight.”~ May Levy