Sex Photography




I’m sitting at the bar, trying to avoid green-eyes. I watched my phone spend around vibrating while my guilty conscience got the best of me. I won’t answer because I can’t bring myself to tell him about the photo session I had last night with a well- known Manhattan photographer. I’ve tried to keep my word to my green-eyed lover. I promised him I would give up any other male lovers I had. But, how was I to know this was going to happen?

This certain photographer has offered to shoot me a couple of times in the past. I usually turned him down knowing that he wanted more than a photo session. However, I was in desperate need of new photos for my portfolio. Most models would give their lives for a shoot with him. I thought I could handle his advances. Things started off great. We managed to get some really good shots in his loft. We worked for an hour before deciding to take a wine break. The conversation was friendly, until we drank half of the second bottle of Grigio. With each sip, he became sexier and sexier. He moved in closer and started kissing my neck. He begin to unbutton my pants and I let him. He picked me up and placed me on my knees on the kitchen counter.He moved my panties to the side and put his tongue deep inside me. His tongue moved back and forth on my clit. I have to admit how good it felt. The spontaneity of the moment turned me on. He picked me up again and carried me over to the sofa, where he continued licking my pussy all night until I feel asleep.

I woke up this morning feeling horrible. I don’t know if green eyes will forgive me this time. We are trying to be in a serious commitment. How is he ever going to trust me again? Especially, in an industry like this where everyone tries to sleep with the models. I’ve never felt this remorseful in my life






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