The Harlem Conversations

I walked around the kitchen in nothing but my pink panties with L.S. on the crotch; They are his favorite pair. It was Thursday night, our weekly private night. It’s only been a couple of weeks, but we can’t stay away from the verbal manuscript we recite every time we meet. I open the wine as Cesaria Evora sings Besame Mucho in the background. In the small hot secret uptown apartment with wooden floors, I listen to his theories and ideas regarding sexuality. He takes a hit of the joint he rolled and every concept he expresses touches me deeper and deeper. His sex speech raises the degrees in the tiny space. I’m fully turned on and getting wetter the more he speaks. Finally, I sit down close to him and lay my head on his shoulder.I whisper, “I wouldn’t have imagined a law student that I met downtown in the financial district, would thrill me like you have.” He takes another hit of the joint, lays his head back on the couch and closes his eyes. We sat in silence trying our hardest not to give into the sexual energy that filled the room.

I lose myself in the memory of our first night together. He revealed to me his obsession with erotica. The way opening a woman’s legs and staring at the most vulnerable sacred part of her body was his favorite pastime. That’s all he could imagine in his mind all day long. It was around 2 a.m. when he first invited me to the small loft. In the beginning we talked about life and our mutual love for Manhattan. It wasn’t until I grew tired and he offered to lay down in bed next to me, that we exposed our true selves. His hands moved up and down my thighs, discovering the absence of my panties. “I must be honest with you, I’m an extremely sexual man,” he said ” I love pussy, everything about it. I can’t keep my eyes off of it when it’s in my presence.”  I asked him to look at mine. “I’ve wanted to since the day I met you” he responded. “I knew when I watched you pass, that you would have a tasty pussy. Open you legs and let me see.”  I watched his eyes, the way my pussy impressed him. “Damn the perfection of woman,” he said.  “I can’t enough of  those lips. The sweetness all over my tongue and my hands.” He licked his lips causing  me to flow stronger. My thighs shaking, I caressed my breast as he continued. “ How can a man turn his back on a woman?  Look at your body, how soft your are. It’s like my reason to be on this earth, is to be inside you. Fucking you, making love to you. Taking you to heaven under me. I like to take my time and lay there  inside and just meditate on the feeling of a woman  tightly around my dick. Have you experienced in orgasm?” “Yes,” I responded. “ How long did it last? Were you gracious enough to let the man know that you appreciated him, by moaning aggressively,”He asked. “I always scream when I have an orgasm,” I answered. “I can’t hold back. He must know how I feel”  He then rubbed his hands betweens my thighs” “Damn you’re tight!” he said “How often do you make love?” “Not enough!” I answered. “Keep it that way,” He smiled. “Tight body and a tight pussy, keeps a happy man. You still have a prize to give him. Tell me, when you have a man you’re in love with and you get on your knees for him, do you suck him until you completely drain him? Do you make sure he is satisfied?” “Of course I do. He is my first priority,” I responded. “ I like how open you are. You don’t seemed to be afraid to show yourself to me.” He added “I think all women should be as open sexually as you are.”

………………….to be continued