Angry Sexy Part 2 (Manhattan Tears)


Crying from heartbreak isn’t my thing. But, after walking into Kiss and Fly on Friday night and catching my green-eyed lover holding another woman; I nearly went insane. I agreed to an open relationship. However, I don’t want to see him with women in places we mutually hang out at. Wtf was he thinking? I approached the girl and told her to take her hands of my man. I didn’t mean for things to get out of hand.We don’t believe in fighting with other women about men. But, I was fucking pissed. This woman and I exchanged words when I pushed him out of anger. Emmanuelle, pushed her down because she doesn’t like anyone screaming at me.Thankfully, we didn’t go to jail. My girl always has my back. Green-eyes made me leave the club with him. I couldn’t hold back the tears during the taxi ride home. Poor Elle, we left her at the club. But, I knew she understood.

“I love you, and I didn’t realize how much it would hurt me to see you with someone else,” I told him. “Oh really, how about the men I’ve been hearing about Janet,” He screamed. “You can do whatever you want to, and I’m supposed to wait around for you right?” “I’m sorry, but I love you,” I responded. With tears in my eyes, I undressed him. I wanted him inside of me; it makes me feel like he belongs to only me. “That’s all you want from me right, to fuck you all the time?” He said.  He picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. “I’m in love with you Janet! You keep playing games! What do you expect me to do?” He said. “I don’t know,” I cried. “I’m in love with you too” “You need to make up your fucking mind. I’m not going to keep waiting around for you,” he responded.”You know I don’t want any other girl.But, do you love me enough to be with only me Janet?” “I know I love you. I don’t feel like this with any other man,” I responded “Please fuck me!”

We made love for the rest of the night; and we stayed in bed all Saturday. I know that I have to make a decision regarding what I want from him. Do I want things to continue the way they are and risk losing him one day? Or, will I give him the relationship that he wants? I’m so confused right now.