Sex Pause


Finally, I’m out dating. I’m feeling good with the guys I’ve allowed in my life. I’m enjoying their company. I think they feel the same way since we talk on the regular. Still, I haven’t let anyone in my bedroom yet. I’m going through a crazy phase of not desiring sex. It’s weird and unusual for me. The men I’m dating are really attractive. They assured me that I would be pleasured, if I invite them over.  Yes, I’m sure, I’ll like it. They are the sweetest men. So I know I won’t be disappointed with whom ever I chose. I‘m a sexual woman with a vast erotic imagination; I dream sensual fantasies walking down the street.  But, I haven’t made any attempts to make love to some lucky man.

Even though I’m taking a sex pause, I’m still making sure the body is looking tight.  The kegel exercises, are in full effect. I still keep my ritual for silky smooth skin. I still wear my pretty panties. This is a just a small vacation to make sure that my new lover is just as good as the one I left behind. I never want to go back to where I was before I met the king. I want to live in happiness every day. He set a high standard.