Sex in Paradise

After a long day of work, I needed a hot shower and my bed. My horniness persuaded me to call green-eyes  like usual. However, he was downtown and unavailable. I decided to use the new toys given to us for review. I closed my eyes, opened my legs, and drifted into an erotic fantasy. I’m anxious for tropical weather and hot beach sex. I used the exotic scene of the private bungalow in the keys to get me off. The more the vibrator stroked my spots, I thought about my girls lying on the beach, touching, while watching me and green-eyes making love in the water. He strokes me deep and hard while I stare at the shore. There, Emmanuelle lays on top of Sandra as they kiss. Their bodies grind together and I can hear them moan. When we vacation together, things turn extremely sensual; since we all share the same passion for sexual fulfillment and relaxation.

The new toys are pretty good. Thinking of sex in paradise while using my new 5 speed lover caused me to  climax quickly. I can’t wait to jump on a plane with my girls. It’s going to be quite an adventure. Be sure to check out our review of the new toys, on our new erotic site “The Kinky Peach” coming soon…

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