I walk in the room

and every room has a catwalk

The voices whisper

I hear the kitties


And you listen


 with curiosity


if that body

Is really all me

You know those titties are fake

Or maybe it’s just a bra

You know the ass is too

I think I know her doctor

And you listen


with curiosity


if that body

is really all me

The chatter



high and low

You know she probably is

(With that dark skin and long weave)

a stripper or a


And you listen


with curiosity

Do I have any education


or is some man paying for me?

Here you go with the approach and


to get me home

cause you will search for the truth

once we are alone

And I laugh silently

because I know you were



with curiosity

I kinda like it

Looking to be entertained

so I play dumb

ignorant to your game

I’ve had a couple drinks

and we hang with the same gang

You think you’re a real panty droppa

so I act naïve and blame it all on the Redbull and vodka

See young one

I been there before

You think you know it all

because your 24

Maybe a little bit older by a couple of years

What are we waiting for

Let’s get out of here

 We get back to your place

and it tickles me so

That sneaky “I’m a big boy” look on your face

as soon as we walk through the door

I let you attack me

and feel in control

but you have no idea who you’re

playing with once my clothes hit the floor

I let you explore

to see if all the stories were true

That those silly little kids have been telling you

And Omg!

Can you believe

To your surprise

You find out the dumb young girls didn’t  know shit

It was all a pack of lies

That ass was real

And them plump tities too

The shit was mad tight

My smile is big and bright

cause you just didn’t have a clue

Still playing along

I allow you to continue

Now its time for the interrogation

And that’s when you learned that I paid for my own education

My own car

My own home

I can afford it

because of my occupation

Its ok

Keep asking

It’s cool

The lesson




makes you a fool

Its time to grow up and be an adult

Because of your insecurity

and behind my back you talked about me

I don’t want you

As a result

I’m a woman

All day long


I don’t get involved in


I grew up along time

ago and put all the shit aside

That’s the kind of man I’ll be with

A king who sits



alone on his throne

Not some immature lil boy

that I met in a night club

who takes the advice

Of adolescence scrubs

Mornings arrived

Its time for me to go

R.I.P. curiosity

Cause now you know

what’s true

Now be a good boy

run and tell the crew!