It Turns Me on When He……………………..


“ When he texts me to meet him at the movie theater on 68th in the middle of the day. Once we’re in the dark alone, he gets on his knees, and tastes me until I cum. Then he quickly leaves to return to work” ~ Janet Galino


“ When he gets into bed and uses nothing but his tongue to lick down the middle of my breast; ending up between my thighs. His tongue continually savors every part of my body”

~ Emmanuelle Monet


“ When he takes me for a ride on his motorbike through the city at night when the streets are empty. He makes me put my hands in his pants. I caress him until his cums,”

~ Sandra Parker-Roth


“ When he shows up to my office at lunch, closes my door, and bends me over my desk. We enjoy a little afternoon delight.”~ May Levy