It was during a rainstorm when I first laid eyes on you.

That’s where we first made love

And ever since then I can’t get enough of you

You wanted to own me

Completely control me
But not by bruises you conquered me
It was from the inside out.
You won over my passion by seducing my heart

You understood that I was free.

And you desired to enhance that.

I am so uninhibited with you

I am willing to do anything

Nothing brings me more satisfaction

Than to see pleasure in your eyes

So I keep giving you whatever you want

Whether we are in a public or in private

I give in to you

You taught me how all the stares could give the maximum high

So I let them watch us

You made me experience another female touch

And I realized that I am freak.

I am no longer ashamed of that

I’m out

You make me see myself naked

I am now obsessed with my nudity

I am scholar of eroticism and you the teacher

I love it when you lay back and watch me make myself flow.

You explained that was a necessity, for my own personal growth.

And just to think I was locked away.

Shell shocked


But now I am rescued

With you I can admit I am weak


And you bring me to my knees

I am content with kneeling there

my fantasies are exposed

You had your hand in that.

You are my muse

The very sex my orgasms are made of

They are produced by every move of you

You’ve reached the deepest part of me

repeatedly breaking down my walls

sending vibrations through my body

My thighs shake

And soon I am flying free

Unbound by rules

Released from restriction

My pleasure no longer depends on the permission of another.


You’re not afraid of who I am

With us there is no fear

I am everywhere and you are right beside me

Your dreams I make come true

Your demands I execute

and I like it

This is what I’ve always wanted to be



Free- spirited