Sex deprivation has caused me to have serious flashbacks of last Memorial Day when I met this sexy guy from Louisiana. I was out and about in Miami standing in line at one of my favorite hot spots, when Mr. New Orleans approached me. We talked for a couple of minutes before he asked me to accompany him for the evening. Why not? I was bored and he was friendly. We clubbed hopped for the remainder of the night and ended up at a crowed strip club.  He really knew how to show a girl a good time. He bought me a couple of lap dances from a hot stripper named Coco. I consider myself extremely open minded and I can hang in almost any atmosphere. Strip clubs are just another source of entertainment to me. No I don’t go a lot, but every now and then it can be a fun. I’m no stick up my ass conservative woman. I can hang with the fellas and enjoy myself.

Anywhoo, He was a barrel of laughs and he had the most sensual touch. He was a well-established man;nice looking, smart, with a great career.  I enjoyed his company and he was an amazing kisser.  I could feel myself getting wet the first time we embraced. After a couple hours and a dozen V.I.P. lap dances, we left the strip club. I was drunk and far from home, so he offered me to stay the night with him in his hotel room. Huh I don’t know about that I told him. But after that amazing kiss he laid on me in V.I.P, my coochie wanted to. He was a southern gentleman; very sweet and charming. But I decided to swerve my way home for the night.

We met up 3 days later for another crazy wild night out. After getting me drunk as hell, we went back to my place. He started in on me and I couldn’t resist. Finally naked and horny, I was ready but not knowing what to expect. As soon as I felt his tongue between my legs I remembered why I missed the country. Damn I couldn’t control my body, I was having a major seizure. Shit! I had tears coming out of my eyes. It was like that scene from the exorcist when the girls tongue was sticking out and her head twisted backwards. he wouldn’t stop until I passed out. And hell, I did black out! But that 13 inches of dick soon revived me. Yes girls, 13 inches at least and as wide as my arm. Hell I think they heard me screaming in Alabama. The orgasm was so insane that I was definitely walking the line between life and death!  That’s a lot of man to take but I bit my lip a tried my hardest to handle it like a pro. Hell I’m Emmanuelle you think I’m going to let a dick out fuck me! NEVER! I came to the conclusion that night, that I like huge dicks. Now, the thought came in to my mind previously when I made love to this sexy guy up in Boca a few months earlier; but that night with Mr. Louisiana it was definite!

We continued for hours. This man stays soft for about a minute or two. As soon as I rolled over and he got another glimpse of my ass, he was ready to go again. I swore I was dreaming. This was too good to be true. We made love in the shower. He picked my thick ass up, wrapped my legs around his waist, and entered me. Then late a night while I was sleeping, he would open my legs and take the pussy. The thing about country men is they don’t need much to get turned on but a soft sexy body of a sweet woman. Yeah all a girl has to do in the south is smile a lot and be sweet; it’s like a bee to honey. And all a country boy needs to fuck all night is maybe a mattress and a pitcher of ice water. Hell they don’t even need A.C.; open the window and a cool summer breeze will be fine!

He was a keeper! Well at least for a week or two. He didn’t live in Florida, he was visiting for the holiday. So my coochie invited him to stay with us for the remainder of his time here. Hell I stayed home for the rest of the week to keep him company. I’ve never fucked so much in my entire life, not even in marriage! He was breaking all my sex rules. We made love at least 4 times in the day and 4 times at night.  I swear the head board of my bed cracked the wall. We had dinner every night at the best south beach restaurants. We hung out on the beach during the day between sex sessions and hit the hot clubs at night. He was a good time. Soon we said goodbye, his vacation was over. He considered moving to Fla and I even considered letting him live with me. But, I was trying to change my pattern of jumping into relationships fast.  Once he left, we lost contact for a while. Right now more than ever, I miss and need him. I moved and changed cell phones so I lost his number and he doesn’t have my new one. Damn I have to find him! I’m feenin for that amazing sex!


He is like suga and I have a deprived sweet tooth.

Like honey molasses layin smoothly upon my tongue.

Sticky to my lips as I savor every drop of nectar.

I become beautifully obsessed with the taste. And for a moment I feel the bliss.

I realize that I’m happy and exhale!

Lunch Time IPhone Sex!

Today was a rough day. I needed some naughty affection. I’ve been sexting  this fine ass guy  who lives in Chicago. A friend set us up and it’s been freaky Iphone sex ever since. After the stupid ass show down in my office today, I couldn’t wait to rush home for the lunch hour. I ran in the house and stripped down out of my suit, climbed in the bed, and hit the speed dial. One ring and he answered “Are you ready to get off young lady? Let me see if you’re naked!”  I started at my breast, then my Iphone slides down my stomach and ends up between my thighs. Oh yes I have face time! Video phones are the shit!

I try to make the  hour last as long as possible, so I used my fingers to prolong my climax! His deep sexy voice commands me to bend over and put my ass in the air as he watches;  “Let me see you caress that ass!”he demands.  Next, he  begs me to lay the phone down on the bed and straddle it as if  I was riding his face. I like a man with imagination.

The more he explains how deep and hard he’s going to fuck me the faster my fingers go until I cum screaming his name. Wooh! I needed that. He ends the conversation with “I’m going to  fuck the shit out of that pussy this weekend!” My response, “Hell yeah baby!”  I collected myself and got dressed.  I returned to work  relaxed and calm.  Sex is the best stress reliever

Ladies Use that Beautiful Body to Keep that Man at Home!

Pussy whooping a man is a skill. You have to practice and take notes. Just kidding! However, there is a move that can work better than the rest! Now great fellatio has a reputation for being effective. But doesn’t promise that your man will stay at home. Honestly nothing does, because a dog is a dog! However, great fellatio and an amazing tight pussy move might cause flashbacks that will slow him down.

Start by getting oiled and perfumed up, when he’s not home. Then, put on the highest heels you have, they make your ass look amazing! Take a chair sit it right in front of the door. When you hear him put the key in the lock, sit in the chair with your legs wide open, arch your back just a little to make your breast look plump and your nipples point straight at him. When he opens that door,  his bottom lip will drop and he will become erect with no problem.

Don’t let him touch you at all!  Push him against the wall, unzip his pants, and slide down on your knees. I think you know what to do next. Just make sure your mouth is good and wet! Now that he’s rock hard and ready to go, still don’t let him touch you. Grab his hand and lead him to the bedroom. Now you ask me why can’t you just fuck him right there in the door way? But the move I’m going to teach is better performed in a bed. Think of your knees!

Strip him down and if he tries to touch you, stop him! You are in control! Then get in the bed on all fours and just say “fuck me”. When he enters you from behind, tell him to stop moving, you want to do all the work. Ride him in a doggy style position. Put your face down on the bed and rise you ass high in the air. Then, move it up and down real slow, making sure you go as deep as you can take it. Now here is the dangerous move, as you go up and down start to move that ass in a circular motion slowly. This way  he will feel your walls; make sure to tighten your kegel muscles at the same time.  Scream and ask him “you like this pussy don’t you?” Now, wiggle your ass cheeks enough to make them move, like you’re doing a booty shaking dance. Only if you could see his facial expressions like he is having a seizure. In no time at all, he will experience the most crazy insane orgasm. His eyes will roll in the back of his head and you will hear him holla “shiiiiiiiiiit!” Now release him, get up looking him dead in the face, and say “I’m done!” Then walk away! This time it’s not about you. Now if this doesn’t keep him with you, than there are some serious issues there. Otherwise, you keep surprising him with mind blowing sex and he will keep it at home! Infact, he’ll break his neck to get home as much as possible!



She has been thinking of you

devising plans

just to attract you

Preparing for hours

touching herself

while moaning your name in the shower


that it’s you

working and caressing that candy scented potion

into her skin

better to lure you with

The highest heels

That dress that compliments her curves

She has you in her sight

getting ready for the kill.

Not caring at all

the thought hasn’t crept into her mind

that you couldn’t love her

because you’re all mine

But I allow her

to chase and hunt

She is sexy and open


young and full of lust

To our favorite place she

has showed up

She’s obsessively

watching us

following closely

I hope she continues

Into the quiet and secluded bathroom

please come in

Because this evening’s fun is about to be begin

I desire her

and I know you do

I have to show her

prove to her

who you belong to

and it’s my permission that you seek

I am the owner

and you are my freak

Now I’ve locked us in

just us three

As she gets ready for the show

and takes a seat

“Good girl

play nice …

keep in character

You’re tonight’s fantasy

and I’m the wife”

I push you against the wall

as she stares

her hands between her legs

She is perfectly shaven

smooth and bare

pink and silky

like the inside of a rose

As I watch

I want to taste her

but I will just

save my appetite for later

I start at your neck

and then unzip your pants

while I glare into her eyes

to remind her again

she can’t have you

because you’re all mine

I won’t let you look at her


not yet..

I fall down on my knees

and take all of you slowly

into my mouth

with my tongue


across the tip

My hands gently move back and forth

my lips tighten their grip



down my throat

until I feel you in every part of me

Her dress up around

her waist

then falling off her shoulders

She is wishing

and hoping

that soon I will allow her to come over

It’s so difficult for her

not being able to participate

But I find it entertaining to

watch her pleasure herself with so much hunger

instigating her craving

I make her wait

I enjoy sucking all of you

I feel you throb

against my cheeks

releasing you just to let

your heart rate rest for a moment

I hear your sigh

your out of breath

You try so hard

not to cum

She begs me




Let me have some!

I tease her more

I pull you out of my mouth

letting her see that long


beautiful dick

that I lick

with my tongue

Your eyes roll in the back of your head

your body shakes and


as your hips began to grind

Please attempt to endure

Because I have to make sure

she knows that you are all mine

This affair it about to get better

because she is behaving

I think I might let her

I grant her my consent

She walks over

and kneels behind me

removing the straps of my dress

She grabs my hair pulling tightly

stealing a kiss

touching my breast

Then I rub you all over her lips

from the bottom to the top

“Enjoy his taste”

I whisper

her tongue moves up and down your shaft

then I join in

Our tongues unite

covering every inch of you

sharing you

Me guiding her head

she has to learn


swallowing you

over and over

We take turns

Her fingers invading

my panties

while my fingers tips explore her ass

You have the ideal view of perfection

Two women whose concentration

their only passion

is to please you

Anything for my man…

Your hands entangled in our hair

you began to explode

as we consume it all

her sucking the sweet nectar from my lips

It was a life fulfilling experience

My gift to her

Just a small portion of you

I gave

this one time

She will never have you

because you are mine.

He Changed Me

I’m asked all the time, if I have ever been in love. Yes, I can say that I have one time in my life. No! it wasn’t in marriage. He was my lover a couple years ago. He wasn’t flashy or a jock. Honestly, I was never in to those types of men. I never really like the popular boys even though they liked me. I married the popular jock who all the girls loved and that turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life. I preferred the sexy quiet boy who nobody paid attention to. And after all these years that’s still who I want to be with.Those are the men who I find to be amazing in bed. They love the feel and touch of a woman’s body. It’s like they study pleasure. They are not conceded with silly hangups. It’s a mix of amazing sex and intellectual conversation.

He was older, calm, smart, and not into glamour. I loved every moment I spent with him. He encouraged my sexuality. Every time we made love I fell deeper and deeper. He wanted me to be sexy and young. I felt so alive with him. I felt so beautiful and strong like I could conquer the world.He loved me just the way I was and he was never critical or abusive.He use to tell me to dress sexy, wear high heels, and no underwear. He would never get insecure or jealous when other men would stare at me, he kind of liked it. Actually, we never fought really. If we had any disagreements, we would end up laughing at each other. Our sexual experiences made me want more than Georgia had to offer. My Jewish Jersey boy inspired me to see the world and to do whatever I wanted when I wanted.It’s funny, because of my experience with him, I still go after Jewish men.We partied and traveled everywhere. He always told me if people don’t accepted you for who you are then fuck’em all! Everything that I write he inspired and I’m proud of who I am. Until this day I’ve never interacted with a man who makes me feel half as sexy as he did in those mountains. I should have married that man!


Wild Southern Sex

In two weeks, I will be heading down to Atlanta to hang with Emmanuelle, Kimberly, and Elaina. I’m desperately in need of  some private naughty girl time. We plan to get into all kinds of mischief. Southerners are friendly and welcoming. They are fun and outgoing. Totally different from the snobs  of Manhattan. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a New Yorker, But I do enjoy the sweet escape  of a secretly uninhibited world. Georgia is perfect because it’s not expected. It seems to be  hillbilly and psycho religious since it’s a part of the bible belt. But, I have experienced the wildest sex parties imaginable. Even celebrities are hip to this cities hush hush pastime. On numerous occasions, I have shared a girlfriend or two with a well known superstar. I will let your imagination run wild with ideas of  who they could be. Shhh

The states capital has a conservative family oriented feel during the day. But at night the cities professionals really know how to let loose. Orgies are abundant! It’s sound crazy but yes! It’s a full on adult fuck fest! First you start out at the strip club for a little bump and grind with a couple of friends (Everyone hangs at the strip club in Atlanta). Then, after the club closes, it’s time to get down and dirty. It’s not called the dirty south for nothing. I get wet thinking about the last time I was there. The feel of a woman’s tongue and a man’s fingers is breath taking! Southern women are sweet and lovely. Their accents are  sexy and those thick asses are delicious! The men are gentle but rough.  What’s great about “Hotlanta” is  that you can taste every flavor of the rainbow. The city is as multicultural as my assortment of friends. Blacks and whites tasting and invading each others bedrooms.  My W hotel suite will be like a we are the world  revolving door

Never underestimate the south. Atlanta is highly populated with middle age professional freaks. Most you wouldn’t expect. You would be clueless looking at them. Believe me they are hiding their nastiness. I can’t wait for the girls and I to  step off the plane and head out into the darkness.

Temple Bar, getting naughty down on Lafayette

The location: 332 Lafayette St. The Scene – Once your eyes adjust to the dark, you’ll see why New Yorkers covet Temple’s mysterious charms. For most, it’s love at first sight of the stained wood, black marble and dim deco sconces, which is why fans refuse to have a drink here with just anyone.

Tucked in the shadows, you get the feeling this spot will exist forever. It’s a feeling worth saving for an escapade with real potential. – The Draw, Aside from the elegant atmosphere, the easy piano music and lovely lady legends of jazz murmuring in your ear, there are the strong drinks, a staggering vodka list, lovable bowls of popcorn on the table, and the sigh of relief that somewhere this effortless really exists. The lithe waitresses are in perfect taste and timing.

Without gimmick or theme, here’s a bar for adults that says, “You’ve made it.”

A romantic Italian dinner at A Voce Columbus

Chef Missy Robbins’s second A Voce restaurant takes over the room previously occupied by Café Gray. Reconfigured to allow window seating overlooking Columbus Circle, the former Rockwell-designed space now includes an elevated bar (where you can also dine) next to a windowed kitchen which no longer blocks the park view.

In the starkness of the white dining room, nothing detracts from Robbins’s inventive Italian cuisine, except, perhaps, the striking wine refrigerators which form a wall backdrop and frame the corridors. Garlicky whipped ricotta accompanies focaccia to start. Antipasti may include grilled calamari with shelling beans, zucchini and Calabrian chili vinaigrette. Pancetta is an artistic presentation of pork belly topped with crushed pistachios and sliced figs, graced with balsamic.

A Robbins signature pasta, spaghetti alla chitarra, masterfully blends silky sea urchin, crab and leeks with a tantalizing hint of lemon. Seafood selections vary according to what is fresh at the market and demonstrate an elegance of preparation, such as the swordfish, fennel, olives and panelle.

And, as if to further prove that simplicity is what perfection is all about, the dessert granitas create a closing experience akin to eating pure snow. An extensive wine list features selections from the U.S., Italy and France.

NY Hotspot “Butter”

With its lofted space packed with youthful scenesters and a pumping soundtrack, Butter has the trappings of a nightclub, but the spot also boasts an expert New American kitchen under the direction of Chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli, a Greenmarket devotee.

An extensive wine list and specialty cocktails like puréed-blackberry margaritas further distract from the food, although there’s much to enjoy on the homey and hearty menu; dandelion greens provide a bitter counterpoint to smooth, and sweetened chicken liver crostini; Colorado rack of lamb comes with fresh chili-basil pesto, or a decadent mound of goat cheese and honey, depending on the season.

The dining area is windowless with tables for two clustered in the center, and crescent-shaped booths along the sides. In lieu of a view there’s an illuminated photo of a birch forest in back, an arboreal motif that repeats in the exclusive Birch Room lounge downstairs.

415 Lafayette St., New York

Thanks to Ethan Wolff for the tip