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Welcome to Liberated Slut. As you may have guessed, I am a slut and I am from New York City. My name’s Janet, and it’s oh so wonderful to meet you today.

Here my friends and I, keep track of our thoughts that would otherwise go unnoticed. All the kinky sexy fun playtime stuff that’s going on in this beautiful country.

I guess I am not too different from a lot of people here in New York. We’ve got our fair share of hedonists, but sometimes I sure do feel isolated. Recent stats show that 88% of our great country the U.S.A. is classified as Christian. This is a mind boggling figure. How could so many of us be that dumb?

What is the stigma with being so offended and prudish about sexuality anyway? Did that many of us have bad childhoods? As a feminist and poet, I guess I do not fit the mold. I hope you don’t either, wink.

This blog catalogs our experiences asĀ  LIBERATED women. I hope you enjoy your read.