Tight Part 1


tumblr_le0sphZiIx1qcgtgmo1_500 He said, “something here is just not right!
You are LIBREATEDSLUT with pussy this tight?
You speak of sex like it comes in multiples night after night
So I don’t understand that when I’m inside you, it feels as if I was the only man
You’ve ever been with.
To me, it’s contradictory of everything you claim to be.
Especially how you speak of “free love” and bring everything sex to the light.
I’m sorry. But, something here just ain’t right.”
And I responded,
“So every time I speak, sounds like your dick gets hard and your mind gets weak.
This fake concept of a “Menage-Freak” that was created and manipulated by your sad version of masculinity.
And, I don’t blame that on me. It’s definitely you, the world we live in and this shitty society that makes you feel that women who reject and hide the actions of their pussies are the only ones real
or clean or worthy of love
I see! Clearly
I’m not the SLUT you wanted me to be.
And, I’ve lost my attraction because of your behavior
You think because you’re a man you can flaunt sex and you automatically get some kind of tramp waiver
So when you are ready for monogamy, it’s granted because your past doesn’t matter!
You dominate females and promote misogyny.
Your fear and insecurity controls the female population
And your intention is to black cloud and destroy our sexual liberation
To take away our rights to choose and build a strong power female nation.
And, how do you do this?
By judging the depth and width of pussy.
A woman is good and pure based off the fit
of how TIGHT it is around your lil tired ass egotistical dick
And, I completely mad with myself for even getting involved with this shit
But sex and entertainment, sometimes I need it
And tonight was one of those nights
But, something is off here
Yeah! You muthafucking right
It’s because of men like you, that it is proclaimed, ”DEATH TO EROTICISM”
And so many women would rather sit at home alone
They have renounced sexuality and being LIBERATED.
It’ evident that when it comes to being open about wanting sex, for women it’s considered wrong.
Because of the humiliation and judgement when they act out their sexuality, they fear the interrogation under the SLUT spot light
And would rather remain quiet, unsatisfied and just keep it tight”


A Diamond in the Rough

so far awayI’m separating you

from every lover

Every brutal force that

has sought to attack me

I believe in your masculinity

As a superior equal

You are my protection

with a voice of guidance

My support in my darkest hour

You compliment my strength

Never overbearing

and destructive

but caring

and stable

Together we will build an empire

out of the wreckage of past love


I am extracting you

from the barbarians


who seek out to ruin

and weaken

faith in true love

that can be found

if the hearts truly desires

I have an understanding

That anything that is worth


Has to be worked for

and you are more than significant

Your devotion is equivalent to my labor


You are a diamond in the rough

My hero

My companion

and I will continue to

cherish the good in you

and be your shelter in the storm

I trust in you undeniably

Your word will never be taken for granted

You stand out from the rest

And as a woman who believes in giving praise

When its do

I will confess

That you deserve respect

and a loyal lover

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Sharing With The Cute Green Eyed Girl That Lives in Apt 202

blondeCome over tonight for dinner
I would like to share
said the cute green eyed girl with blonde hair.
Who lives in the building next mine
Since I was home alone with no place to dine, I decided to stop by for a glass of wine and what ever she had in mind
that she wanted to share.
It was her and I..
oh yeah her man was there.
He was tan and strong with muscles everywhere.
So after dinner we sat down for conversation.
At least that’s what I thought.
Then I asked the cute green eyed girl with the blonde hair what was it she’d like to share?
Heavily intoxicated were we three, she walked over and sat down close to me
She said we have been wanting for you to come over for a while now my man and I,
with her lips brushing against my neck and her hands caressing my thigh
Then she called him over. Right in front of me he stood
She ordered him to undress slowly
His body was built and fit
Then I asked myself how come I always get involved in this type of shit?
But what the hell..

So she took him in her hands then she sucked him until he was firm.She stopped and said to me
I want to share this with you.
Watch me closely,
I know what he likes so do what I do.
And not once did I disagree.
She slurped him hard then passed it to me.
So I did the same
From mouth to mouth again and again he changed.
She slurped
I slurped
Following closely to what she would do
She kiss it
At the same time I kissed it too.
She sucked
I sucked
Her mouth he fucked
my mouth he fucked
Until he finally started to errupt
and cum all over both of us
as we shared
Now she is one of my closet friends.
The cute green eyed girl with the blonde hair.

Danger of Cunnilingus



When I meet someone I’m interested in, and I’m ready to take the friendship to the next level; I ask myself two questions. Is this person someone who I can date and give my heart to? Or is this just a hook up for when I’m horny and between relationships? Depending on how I answer those questions is when I decide how uninhibited the sex is. How far I will let a man go with my body depends on my first impression of him. If he has the personality traits that meet my standards and has the potential to be a great love, then I will let him give me cunnilingus. Amazing head is very dangerous. Especially since it’s not a lot of men that can do it right.

If a man can give great fourplay and his intercourse is mind blowing then the heart automatically get s involved for women. Think about it, if he is fine as hell and good in bed, he is lethal. We women are emotional creatures. It’s hard to hold back and separate good sex from a relationship. Most of us are not wired like men. We can’t have great multiple orgasms and walk away. A man will allow a woman to give him head over and over knowing that he will never be with her.We women will try to make it work with a no good man who is a master in the bedroom. This is the biggest fuck up! Because you spend so much valuable energy hurting, crying and trying to make things work. That guy should have been a hook up or a friend. He was not compatible in the beginning. Every man and woman is not made to be together. That’s one of the reasons the divorce rate is high and their are so many children had out of wedlock. There are a lot of men and women who were married that hate each other now. Only thing they had in common was good sex!

That’s why I limit my interactions with men in my bedroom. I don’t like my emotions to be toyed with. I only get really freaky with men I want to seriously be involved with. Hell I don’t even like spending the night with men I just hook up with. Some have slipped through the cracks. But mostly, I send them home or I leave afterwards.

It’s Tantra belief that when a man licks your clit he can elevate you to a spiritual place. It’s been a couple times that I thought I was in heaven. And those men and I had an emotional connection. Infact, I let a man who I should’ve never dated eat me out. I was stuck with that no good bastard for 3 years. It was horrible, but I couldn’t let go. He was amazing at it and he could fuck as well. I tried to date other men to get over him but I kept coming back. He would lick it any place any time. We would get really nasty! I paid the price in the end. He took me through hell! So this is why this rule is so important for me. If you need that kind of stimulation, I suggest getting a vibrator. I recommend the bullet with a silicon cover.

Some women won’t sleep with a man period unless they are in a relationship. That’s cool. But I’m sorry I have to know a man’s stroke before falling in love. What if he is good on paper but horrible in the bedroom? Have you ever seen Sex and the City, when Charlotte married Trey before having sex? See what happened? It took him months before he could get it up! You take a car for a test drive before buying it to make sure it’s right for you? Same rule applies to men. Worst thing you could do is get involved with a man who is horrible at sex. Let’s see how deep in love you will stay!

I advise any woman to make sure the man she is involved is worth giving her heart to before she starts getting freaky with him. It’s best not to waste valuable time. We are not getting younger! A woman’s years are precious and not to be taken for granted. Make sure he is a good man to you before pushing his head down.

Selective Interaction with The Tongue

I don’t let every tongue between my legs

I said

You see

The tongue has a certain possession over the pussy

Convincing the heart to love

clouding judgement

over powering the head

A kiss of cunnilingus

Can be spiritual

It posses Tantric power

That’s life altering

As the mouth sucks and caress the clit

The body experiences

an euphoria,

A heavenly divinity

A supernatural bliss

And honestly, I don’t know right now in my life

That I’m ready or prepared for this

So NO!

Not just any man can spread my thighs

and go


Because its has been said or maybe it was somewhere I read

That if he fucks around

and does its right

Then he will have me

Miss loving to be free

craving him

desiring him night after night

Capturing and holding claim to me

I will be his prisoner



His prize

His trophy

One of his conquests

All during my day

He will own my thoughts

my pussy’s emotions who love to

manipulate my heart

then my mind will soon follow


Because a flicker of the tongue has been known to have that kind of control

At the very moment when he tries to slide sweetly to his knees

I will cry out and beg him please


I’m really not trying to be rude

For love and commitment

I’m just not in the mood

Even though he requests

on his face I will not sit

to grind my hips

back and forth

over his lips

I will not allow myself to feel his licks from behind or his finger tips (at the same time)

entering me.

I don’t want to take a chance on romance

For a relationship I just don’t have the energy

Some say its a folks tale or a historical myth

but us who have been there know its some dangerous shit.

It can drive a woman mad

making her act out, attack, and throw horrible fits

In most cases the tongue can out do the dick

and I’m not even trying to get involved with it

So I declare from this moment forward

I will be the only one who might

not always but maybe

offer oral

To someone who I really kinda like

Because from what I’m told


can make a mortal woman in to a goddess (If she performs at her best )

Giving her the power and the ultimate control.

When We Make love/The Daughter of Aphrodites Speaks of Love Affairs and Her Lover Responds

She started off with everything ain’t for everybody.
I can’t deal with the idea of being trapped
Held down by a lover’s rock
I need love that’s more like the wind
Freely ascending and swaying from place to place
A want to be the charming breeze floating in from the sea
Cool and revitalizing
accompanied by a quiet storm
Every caress soft and smooth
A momentary affair of passion
Is what I can give
Days are never the same
The weather comes and goes
In the temperature you can always expect a change
Because of the indecisiveness of degrees
You can’t depend on a constant breeze”

He responded
“I have those hot days
Scorching and fiery
The sun can be merciless
The air dry and still
distressing my labor
All I have
Is the peace of a cool moon lit night
On the sands I lay staring out into the ocean
The waves rolling back and forth
The one thing that I can depend on
Is the seduction and romance of a beautiful wind
And with all its charm and pleasure I know
That a breeze has to flow free
As it pleases it will come and go
Though I’m in love with how she feels
So smooth and lovely
I can’t confine her
She exists to love and be loved by whoever she chooses
But I appreciate her
The time she gives day by day
Calming and relaxing
Accompanied by a quiet storm whenever she comes my way”

What if You’re a Lesbian but You Don’t Know It?

LesbiansMost straight women don’t realize that they act like Lesbians. Nothing wrong with being a Lesbian unless you are claiming to be straight. You cling to women, you dress to impress other women, you seek their approval. You prance around them to get their attention. They don’t acknowledge you, they dont speak, you get mad.
They don’t like you, you feel some type of way. You’ll try to sleep with men those other women are currently sleeping with while their coochies are still on that man’s breath. You like to listen to other women, you’ll wear their clothes and want to look like them. You obsess over them. You talk about them.
Nobody rarely sees you with a man. Then when you have a man or talk about a man, you try to make him have characteristics like a woman. You try to make him act like a female and emasculate him as much as possible. When you describe him, he even sounds like a bitch. You always have to crowd another woman’s space. You are always concerned what other women do with their pussies. Who has been inside their pussies. Who is fucking their pussies
Yeah, you’re gay.

The Coochie Coupon

coochie coupone

Now, I know you are probably wondering what in hell is a coochie coupon? Well, lets discuss.

Have you ever started dating a man that you really liked? And, he does something expected like come to your rescue when your car breaks down on the side of the road. Or, surprises you with a romantic dinner? Or, maybe even beautiful flowers at work. Or, he is just really irresistibly sexy.

Maybe it’s a man that you are not dating at all. Like a close guy friend who you can always depend on. He fixes broken things around your house. He takes your trash out or brings your groceries in. He’s always there to comfort you when you ever you call.

Or, those nights you hit the club and again meet a hot irresistible man. He keeps on telling you how sexy you are and buying you drinks. He dances the right way and he touches you in the right places. You can’t deny the instant connection you have…

These are all perfect reasons to give out a coochie coupon.

Now, some coupons never expire. And, some have an expiration date. Some women give them out carelessly. And, some women are very picky and choosy about who receives them.  How or when they can be redeemed is up to the woman. Sometimes you will regret giving out a coupon to someone you thought was worthy. And, sometimes you will regret letting some great guy pass and never giving him one at all. Yep, comes along with the territory.

Now, you ask the question, shouldn’t a woman give a coochie coupon to her man only. Huh no! If he is her man, then he should have a coochie credit card with no limit. And, his payment should be love and loyalty.

Now as fun and erotic as it may seem, the coochie coupon is not just for laughs. It’s serious. Choose wisely…



Searching for a Wet Spot(Selective Pussy Problems)

It’s been a while since the girls and I wrote anything. Yeah, we’ve all been too busy living. I do have all these stories in my diary that I need to add to the blog.tumblr_le0sphZiIx1qcgtgmo1_500

Anywhoo. One thing that I’ve been noticing about myself in the last couple of years is my problem with getting turned on and wet in a split second. When I was younger, I could take some guy home that I didn’t have any intentions on being with, and he could just blow on the pussy. I would be dripping wet and ready to go. Or, I could be just walking down the street, sitting at my desk at work or doing anything random. My mind would start to wonder about the most erotic fantasies. And in no time, I would feel this moist sensation between my thighs. Now, after my break up with king, I need something more. I need this deep desire, a passionate mental connection with a man before I can get aroused.  I have to feel his spirit, be in tune with him. I can’t release my inhibitions with just anyone. So again, the one night stands and wild episodes don’t happen anymore.

And the thing is, I don’t know whether to be afraid of the new but kinda old me. Because, I’m so afraid of being like the rest of the ordinary prudes I used to know that  sit around and romanticize about being with the perfect prince charming who really sounds like a woman when they describe him. I definitely don’t want to be like the so called “in crowd.” I’m much more exciting than that. However, I still can’t deny the fact, I need to be mentally and spiritually stimulated before the river flows from the beautiful falls of my sweet pussy.  I need to want him so badly with a possibility of falling in love with him. It has to be more than a physical attraction. That just won’t do it anymore. And, my love of sex does satisfy me like it use to. I will say, I still like my threesomes and hot orgies. But, the man involved has to be someone I’m really interested in. He can’t be random.

It’s true I’ll never be a boring prude who lives by the conventional rules of dating and relationships. But, I’m not longer the free spirit I used to be. It takes more to awaken my senses.




Naked Tropical Nights on My Mind


sensual 141

It’s 49 degrees here in D.C. And, even though the city is my new obsession, I can’t stop thinking about those hot tropical nights in Key Biscayne with King, the 90 degree sex sessions we would have and the ocean breeze blowing into the tall bedroom windows. I miss how sweaty our bodies would get. Sometimes we wouldn’t make it into the house. We would stay outside on the patio; the candles twinkling in the wind, the music playing with the blue water in the background. I would ride him for hours.  We loved it when our neighbors would pretend they weren’t watching us.

The scene repeats in my mind constantly; the ice he would lick of my body causing me to orgasm before he would even enter me. The way he would fall asleep and I would stay awake staring at him. How I miss that. And even though, it’ll be exciting to make love in front of a warm fire place while the snow begins to fall outside my bedroom window, I will never forget those hot Miami nights. It’s seems the heat makes the sex more intense and primitive.

I loved how my skin would feel after hours of him on top of me.  It was wonderful waking up to him and the ocean and running down that private beach naked with a drink in my hand. We made love on the shore line over and over again.

 My heart yearns for the tropics. Or, is it that my heart yearns for him? I doubt that it would’ve been the same meaningful experience with another man. King holds power over me. I’m ready to return to him and that island. Not permanently. No! I’m too happy here in D.C. Things are perfect. But, I will spend a weekend with my love. Hopefully my heart can take it.

“By the sea, don’t you love the weather? By the sea, we’ll grow old together. By the beautiful sea”- Sweeney Todd


Panties Off in D.C.


After a heart breaking decision to leave King for good, I took a transfer to Washington D.C.

King is always going to be the love of my life. But because of how deeply I loved him, I couldn’t deny how much I wanted to be his wife and start a family with him. However, I wasn’t going to be selfish enough to overlook his ways of earn a living and bring kids into our uncertain lifestyle. I just don’t find that to be fair to children to wonder if their father will end up in jail or the cemetery. In my heart, I hope he will change soon and come up here to me.  He calls, but I won’t answer even though it’s killing me.  I’ve ignored the truth for far too long.

It’s no surprise that I would find a new sexy interest in this unfamiliar territory. I wasn’t here a month before I met Mr. Mississippi. A new coworker invited me out one Saturday evening to meet some new girlfriends in the new city. We decided to go out to National Harbor to have a couple of drinks, when my stalker walked in. He saw me from across the street at a neighboring bar. I guess he decided to hunt. I love those hunter types. One of the girls knew his friend. But I saw him as soon as he walked in. He was muscular and in my favorite age range. I hadn’t gotten laid in 2 months and I needed to get over king fast. Besides, it was time for me to make a new “friend” in the city. You know, someone to show me around, introduce me to all the hot spots in D.C. and to get me off at least one a week.

I really put the moves on him without him suspecting it. I was very sweet, lady like and in control. And, you know the sure thang game rule; always allow him to think he is in control and hunting and persuading his prey. That’s exactly how a man will end up in your bed when you want him to. It’s a definite fish on your hook. (wink) I love the whole chasing me thing anyways. It makes the situation fun and exciting.

To make a long blog semi short, He ended up in my bed all night long. His oral skills are fantastic! I know one of the rules is to never let someone eat you out, especially if you don’t love him. But, I wanted it! I laid back opened up and let his tongue work.

Oh wait did I tell you the game he thought he was playing to get me in bed? How he told me he just wanted to come over for a drink. How he asked if he could spend the night because he was too drunk to drive all the way back to Baltimore. How he claimed he never gets into bed without a shower. And then, asked me to come into the bathroom and give him a towel while he stood there fully erect and hanging almost to his knee.

Awh, did I tell you that I figured this would happen? And, how I played like I didn’t have a clue what was going on. How I took a long bath and locked the bathroom door. Then, I put my pajamas on including my panties just to play hard to get. I knew he would start kissing me all over as soon as we got into bed. And, he would feel accomplished when he stripped me down, opened my legs and put his lips between my thighs.

After that hot and steamy night, we’ve been together ever since then. I knew D.C. would be interesting. Maybe next time, I’ll tell you about my hot swinger birthday bash in New York. Byeblackerotica6