A Diamond in the Rough

so far awayI’m separating you

from every lover

Every brutal force that

has sought to attack me

I believe in your masculinity

As a superior equal

You are my protection

with a voice of guidance

My support in my darkest hour

You compliment my strength

Never overbearing

and destructive

but caring

and stable

Together we will build an empire

out of the wreckage of past love


I am extracting you

from the barbarians


who seek out to ruin

and weaken

faith in true love

that can be found

if the hearts truly desires

I have an understanding

That anything that is worth


Has to be worked for

and you are more than significant

Your devotion is equivalent to my labor


You are a diamond in the rough

My hero

My companion

and I will continue to

cherish the good in you

and be your shelter in the storm

I trust in you undeniably

Your word will never be taken for granted

You stand out from the rest

And as a woman who believes in giving praise

When its do

I will confess

That you deserve respect

and a loyal lover

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