Naked Tropical Nights on My Mind


sensual 141

It’s 49 degrees here in D.C. And, even though the city is my new obsession, I can’t stop thinking about those hot tropical nights in Key Biscayne with King, the 90 degree sex sessions we would have and the ocean breeze blowing into the tall bedroom windows. I miss how sweaty our bodies would get. Sometimes we wouldn’t make it into the house. We would stay outside on the patio; the candles twinkling in the wind, the music playing with the blue water in the background. I would ride him for hours.  We loved it when our neighbors would pretend they weren’t watching us.

The scene repeats in my mind constantly; the ice he would lick of my body causing me to orgasm before he would even enter me. The way he would fall asleep and I would stay awake staring at him. How I miss that. And even though, it’ll be exciting to make love in front of a warm fire place while the snow begins to fall outside my bedroom window, I will never forget those hot Miami nights. It’s seems the heat makes the sex more intense and primitive.

I loved how my skin would feel after hours of him on top of me.  It was wonderful waking up to him and the ocean and running down that private beach naked with a drink in my hand. We made love on the shore line over and over again.

 My heart yearns for the tropics. Or, is it that my heart yearns for him? I doubt that it would’ve been the same meaningful experience with another man. King holds power over me. I’m ready to return to him and that island. Not permanently. No! I’m too happy here in D.C. Things are perfect. But, I will spend a weekend with my love. Hopefully my heart can take it.

“By the sea, don’t you love the weather? By the sea, we’ll grow old together. By the beautiful sea”- Sweeney Todd