Sex toys to spice up your boring life

I’ve been secretly browsing Sex Toy Fun, a fantastic adult online supermarket of virtually all things sex. I came across this marvelous site through my dear friend China. First of all, I have to say, it can be addictive (well, if you’re anything like me anyway). I had a hard time unsticking myself from my computer screen!

Sextoyfun boasts all type of sex toys for all type of special situations, whether its a vibrating dildo, lacy cuffs, or sexy outfits and costumes, they have got it all, and in huge abundance. The online aspect to shopping has really changed our availability to try new things. Nowadays there is no larger web store and no excuse not to get kinky!

Never have I seen so many anal beads and cockrings. Never before have I experienced in awe the myriad of fake silicone pussies. Never will I ever again click on 15″ giant dildos, j/k. I had a great time browsing for all sorts of devilishly fun stuff, and I really enjoyed it. So can you. head over today and see what its all about!

NY Hotspot “Butter”

With its lofted space packed with youthful scenesters and a pumping soundtrack, Butter has the trappings of a nightclub, but the spot also boasts an expert New American kitchen under the direction of Chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli, a Greenmarket devotee.

An extensive wine list and specialty cocktails like puréed-blackberry margaritas further distract from the food, although there’s much to enjoy on the homey and hearty menu; dandelion greens provide a bitter counterpoint to smooth, and sweetened chicken liver crostini; Colorado rack of lamb comes with fresh chili-basil pesto, or a decadent mound of goat cheese and honey, depending on the season.

The dining area is windowless with tables for two clustered in the center, and crescent-shaped booths along the sides. In lieu of a view there’s an illuminated photo of a birch forest in back, an arboreal motif that repeats in the exclusive Birch Room lounge downstairs.

415 Lafayette St., New York

Thanks to Ethan Wolff for the tip