Hurricanes, New York, and Love Making Music

New York was ugly and stormy yesterday. I had to cancel all my plans and settle for a night in. What better to do on a rainy night than call over a friend to keep me warm and safe? I would say dry but that defeats the purpose of rainy weather company. I wanted more than a good time. Lately, a certain girlfriend of mine has inspired me to concentrate on someone that I have a real connection with. She sent me a couple of beautiful songs to accompany a passionate night of love making. Listening to the rain tapping outside the window of my high rise Manhattan loft, brought out the romantic  side in me. Never giving names, I scanned through my Iphone for that guy who knew my body the best. In no time he was at my door with wine and condoms. I made him battle  through a fucking storm to get this. Good boy! Anyone who wants this, has to go through obstacles to taste my rainbow.

The music was a mixture of old school r&b , jazz, and a couple of young artists; Marvin Gaye, Stevie wonder, Floetry, Marsha Ambrosius and Trey Songz. I love Trey, he makes me cum over and over! The Neighbors Know My Name has been my favorite song since last year. Thank God for the repeat button! The rhythm carried us through that hurricane with no interruptions. All I can say is Late night, early mornings! I’m tired as hell and about to go back bed, but it was all worth it. I can’t wait for the next storm!

Temple Bar, getting naughty down on Lafayette

The location: 332 Lafayette St. The Scene – Once your eyes adjust to the dark, you’ll see why New Yorkers covet Temple’s mysterious charms. For most, it’s love at first sight of the stained wood, black marble and dim deco sconces, which is why fans refuse to have a drink here with just anyone.

Tucked in the shadows, you get the feeling this spot will exist forever. It’s a feeling worth saving for an escapade with real potential. – The Draw, Aside from the elegant atmosphere, the easy piano music and lovely lady legends of jazz murmuring in your ear, there are the strong drinks, a staggering vodka list, lovable bowls of popcorn on the table, and the sigh of relief that somewhere this effortless really exists. The lithe waitresses are in perfect taste and timing.

Without gimmick or theme, here’s a bar for adults that says, “You’ve made it.”

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon at the Four Seasons

The address, 57 East 57th Street, the locations, the Four Seasons offers two of New York’s most acclaimed dining destinations. In the intimate L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, legendary chef Joël Robuchon dissolves the boundaries between kitchen and dining room for a truly memorable experience of his inpsired cuisine.

In the enchanted-forest-like setting of The Garden restaurant and wine bar – with its four 20-foot (6-metre) African acacia trees – American breakfast, lunch and brunch favourites are offered during the day, while in the evening, the menu features small plates and 160 wines by the glass.

A romantic Italian dinner at A Voce Columbus

Chef Missy Robbins’s second A Voce restaurant takes over the room previously occupied by Café Gray. Reconfigured to allow window seating overlooking Columbus Circle, the former Rockwell-designed space now includes an elevated bar (where you can also dine) next to a windowed kitchen which no longer blocks the park view.

In the starkness of the white dining room, nothing detracts from Robbins’s inventive Italian cuisine, except, perhaps, the striking wine refrigerators which form a wall backdrop and frame the corridors. Garlicky whipped ricotta accompanies focaccia to start. Antipasti may include grilled calamari with shelling beans, zucchini and Calabrian chili vinaigrette. Pancetta is an artistic presentation of pork belly topped with crushed pistachios and sliced figs, graced with balsamic.

A Robbins signature pasta, spaghetti alla chitarra, masterfully blends silky sea urchin, crab and leeks with a tantalizing hint of lemon. Seafood selections vary according to what is fresh at the market and demonstrate an elegance of preparation, such as the swordfish, fennel, olives and panelle.

And, as if to further prove that simplicity is what perfection is all about, the dessert granitas create a closing experience akin to eating pure snow. An extensive wine list features selections from the U.S., Italy and France.

Kiss & Tell Live Revue

From sexy Abiola Abrams comes a monthly reading event in New York City you can’t afford to miss. the special kiss and tell time reading series, is a monthly storytelling & performance series that combines love, sex and comedy with the brightest talents in the worlds of literature, media and sexuality.

The reading series is curated and hosted by media personality, author & columnist Abiola Abrams and features writers and entertainers ranging from New York Times  bestselling authors, feminist scholars and top bloggers to burlesque performers, erotic poets and sexperts.

The outrageously fun and often bawdy series takes place at Madame X in NYC on the 3rd Tuesday of every month with free audience giveaways and cheap champagne cocktails. Each installment honors an exemplary Kiss & Tell author or media-maker.

Rated R. Not your mama’s reading series!

NY Hotspot “Butter”

With its lofted space packed with youthful scenesters and a pumping soundtrack, Butter has the trappings of a nightclub, but the spot also boasts an expert New American kitchen under the direction of Chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli, a Greenmarket devotee.

An extensive wine list and specialty cocktails like puréed-blackberry margaritas further distract from the food, although there’s much to enjoy on the homey and hearty menu; dandelion greens provide a bitter counterpoint to smooth, and sweetened chicken liver crostini; Colorado rack of lamb comes with fresh chili-basil pesto, or a decadent mound of goat cheese and honey, depending on the season.

The dining area is windowless with tables for two clustered in the center, and crescent-shaped booths along the sides. In lieu of a view there’s an illuminated photo of a birch forest in back, an arboreal motif that repeats in the exclusive Birch Room lounge downstairs.

415 Lafayette St., New York

Thanks to Ethan Wolff for the tip

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