He Changed Me

I’m asked all the time, if I have ever been in love. Yes, I can say that I have one time in my life. No! it wasn’t in marriage. He was my lover a couple years ago. He wasn’t flashy or a jock. Honestly, I was never in to those types of men. I never really like the popular boys even though they liked me. I married the popular jock who all the girls loved and that turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life. I preferred the sexy quiet boy who nobody paid attention to. And after all these years that’s still who I want to be with.Those are the men who I find to be amazing in bed. They love the feel and touch of a woman’s body. It’s like they study pleasure. They are not conceded with silly hangups. It’s a mix of amazing sex and intellectual conversation.

He was older, calm, smart, and not into glamour. I loved every moment I spent with him. He encouraged my sexuality. Every time we made love I fell deeper and deeper. He wanted me to be sexy and young. I felt so alive with him. I felt so beautiful and strong like I could conquer the world.He loved me just the way I was and he was never critical or abusive.He use to tell me to dress sexy, wear high heels, and no underwear. He would never get insecure or jealous when other men would stare at me, he kind of liked it. Actually, we never fought really. If we had any disagreements, we would end up laughing at each other. Our sexual experiences made me want more than Georgia had to offer. My Jewish Jersey boy inspired me to see the world and to do whatever I wanted when I wanted.It’s funny, because of my experience with him, I still go after Jewish men.We partied and traveled everywhere. He always told me if people don’t accepted you for who you are then fuck’em all! Everything that I write he inspired and I’m proud of who I am. Until this day I’ve never interacted with a man who makes me feel half as sexy as he did in those mountains. I should have married that man!