I’m not one to be jealous, even if I’m madly in love. If a man truly loves me, than he would respect me enough to not do anything to hurt me. Especially flirt with or take the company of another woman. Why is it that women always think that a man should not follow the same rules as us? We will allow him to hurt us and say oh that’s just a man’s way. But, we are quick to call our girlfriends whores and sluts if they do the same thing to a man. I can’t stand it! It’s because of these kind of women, that sometimes I resent men. I can’t deal with the idea of men being put on a higher pedal stool than women. It really bothers me and I take that anger out on men because they allow women to worship them knowing they did nothing to deserve it!

Any ways! One of my fantasies is being in a threesome relationship with a man and another woman. I wonder how it would be. Let me just say that none of the girlfriends I’ve had ever dated or have been in a relationship with a man I was attracted to. It’s always been the opposite. I secretly can’t stand the losers they are with! But lately the opportunity has presented itself. My best girlfriend who I absolutely love and adore is sleeping with one of my best guy friends. And both of us are willing and ready to share him. I love them both equally and they love me so why not?  We all have had sex together so we should continue. He is a really good guy who takes good care of me and my girlfriend. We travel and party together. He takes us to the best places and buys us whatever we want. It’s not a bad deal.

I know most women especially these hot blooded idiots in south Florida could not handle a relationship like this. Most of them are self centered and deranged! They are crazy and neurotic as hell! I’ve gotten to the point I don’t want to hang or be around any of them at all. They need all this attention and reassurance because they are the most insecure bitches on the face of this earth! But, my girlfriend and I are nothing like that. We want to enjoy the remainder of our 30’s by taking advantage of the crazy opportunities that are presented to us. Hell, we’re not going to be young forever and soon we will want families of our own.

On the other hand, even if I was married and in love, I still might desire a little threesome action. I’m not going to hide my sexuality because I’m committed. The man I’m with will accept and embrace his wife’s freaky ways. That has to be discussed and agreed upon before walking down the aisle. Most people don’t know this, but I’m easy going when I’m in love. I’m not an invidious psycho girlfriend. I’m open to trying new things and exploring our sexual options. I think it’s fun and exciting. Just as long as the man knows who his heart belongs to, I’m down for a little group entertainment!