She has been thinking of you

devising plans

just to attract you

Preparing for hours

touching herself

while moaning your name in the shower


that it’s you

working and caressing that candy scented potion

into her skin

better to lure you with

The highest heels

That dress that compliments her curves

She has you in her sight

getting ready for the kill.

Not caring at all

the thought hasn’t crept into her mind

that you couldn’t love her

because you’re all mine

But I allow her

to chase and hunt

She is sexy and open


young and full of lust

To our favorite place she

has showed up

She’s obsessively

watching us

following closely

I hope she continues

Into the quiet and secluded bathroom

please come in

Because this evening’s fun is about to be begin

I desire her

and I know you do

I have to show her

prove to her

who you belong to

and it’s my permission that you seek

I am the owner

and you are my freak

Now I’ve locked us in

just us three

As she gets ready for the show

and takes a seat

“Good girl

play nice …

keep in character

You’re tonight’s fantasy

and I’m the wife”

I push you against the wall

as she stares

her hands between her legs

She is perfectly shaven

smooth and bare

pink and silky

like the inside of a rose

As I watch

I want to taste her

but I will just

save my appetite for later

I start at your neck

and then unzip your pants

while I glare into her eyes

to remind her again

she can’t have you

because you’re all mine

I won’t let you look at her


not yet..

I fall down on my knees

and take all of you slowly

into my mouth

with my tongue


across the tip

My hands gently move back and forth

my lips tighten their grip



down my throat

until I feel you in every part of me

Her dress up around

her waist

then falling off her shoulders

She is wishing

and hoping

that soon I will allow her to come over

It’s so difficult for her

not being able to participate

But I find it entertaining to

watch her pleasure herself with so much hunger

instigating her craving

I make her wait

I enjoy sucking all of you

I feel you throb

against my cheeks

releasing you just to let

your heart rate rest for a moment

I hear your sigh

your out of breath

You try so hard

not to cum

She begs me




Let me have some!

I tease her more

I pull you out of my mouth

letting her see that long


beautiful dick

that I lick

with my tongue

Your eyes roll in the back of your head

your body shakes and


as your hips began to grind

Please attempt to endure

Because I have to make sure

she knows that you are all mine

This affair it about to get better

because she is behaving

I think I might let her

I grant her my consent

She walks over

and kneels behind me

removing the straps of my dress

She grabs my hair pulling tightly

stealing a kiss

touching my breast

Then I rub you all over her lips

from the bottom to the top

“Enjoy his taste”

I whisper

her tongue moves up and down your shaft

then I join in

Our tongues unite

covering every inch of you

sharing you

Me guiding her head

she has to learn


swallowing you

over and over

We take turns

Her fingers invading

my panties

while my fingers tips explore her ass

You have the ideal view of perfection

Two women whose concentration

their only passion

is to please you

Anything for my man…

Your hands entangled in our hair

you began to explode

as we consume it all

her sucking the sweet nectar from my lips

It was a life fulfilling experience

My gift to her

Just a small portion of you

I gave

this one time

She will never have you

because you are mine.