Making Love to a Country Boy


Them Country Boys



I’ve been dreaming about

them days  he use to come by

in his old ford pick up with them huge tires

I just sat there on the porch eatin peaches


in cutoff shorts


cause I knew he was gonna ask me to take a drive

and of course I say yes

He would turn the radio to one of them old country stations

and pull me close to’em.

One hand on the wheel

and one in my shorts

I just close my eyes

and let’em do what he wanted

kinda liked it.

Then he would take his wet hand outta my shorts fast like

and then unzip his pants

He was hard as ah rock

He would then grab me by the hair and force my face down into his lap

I enjoyed my mouth bein fulla him

Soon he would turn off the road like he  always did

stop the truck and

pull me up by the hair

and made me give him the longest kiss.

We’d head down by Acworth lake

and  lay on the blanket in the tall grass drinkin homemade wine.

I would just glare up at the stars

drunk and naked

his head between my legs

his tongue use to get me so wet

My heart beatin so fast

I felt the southern breeze all over my body.

He’d climbed on top of me

and push so far in

I thought I could feel’em in my throat

I just moan and digg my nails into his back.I begged him not to stop

I  would wrap my shaking legs round his waist  and he kissed me so passionate like.

I would orgasm and climax so hard.

It was the best thing closed to heaven I’d imagine.

We’d lay on that blanket for hours

maken love

He was so simple and country

like the south

I was so happy and peaceful

then when I was with’em

Those were some of the best days of my life