Tasting Me in a New York Taxi

I was away hanging with the girls for the weekend, which was amazing!  We always manage to have a good time and get into trouble. When I stepped off the plane after flying back to New York, there he was waiting for me. It was a nice unexpected surprise. I had no idea he knew when I was returning from my trip. But, I know exactly who told him.

We got into the taxi and headed to my place for what I’m assuming to be our usual all night rendezvous. But, we didn’t make it back to the loft before he was down on his knees in the taxi and my panties were in his back pocket! My legs are too long to be in the air in a taxi, however his tongue felt so good! Like he was licking the words welcome home. New York taxi drivers are so immune to the bad behavior of New Yorkers. I believe this driver enjoyed every minute we were in the back of  his car; but he did expect an extra tip.

We decided to stop by The Cock in the east village to have drinks with friends of mine. This club is known for its anything goes backroom and that’s where we ended up. We had to finish what was started in the taxi.  We were not alone; there were a few other couples who shared our idea! I was wet and ready to go. We finished our session in a backwards cow girl position. Another night of fabulous sex in this feisty city!