An Office Fuck


office sexWhen did it become the norm that men liked cheap easy women in the office that they could have meaningless sex with; then go home and give their small checks to their wives? Huh, I’m not interested in sleeping with a bunch of corporate American nothings for nothing. Now, what I mean by this statement is, I don’t believe in being openly used by has been married men. I mean the nerve of these fucking losers who want a cheap easy lay, while their funds go to pampering their wives. Think about it, they already have kids and a bunch of responsibility. They can never really marry you or take you seriously because you would be a dirty whore home wrecker. So the courtship is worthless

Now, there have been men  I’ve  flirted with just a little for laughs. But the idea of someone like me having to act all desperate and sleep with perverts, is quite disgusting. These men barely provide for their wives, but are so willing to lay up with other women and risk getting them pregnant or even contracting some sexually transmitted disease.

What’s even sadder than that, these women aren’t even top notch women. They are usually young, broke, and really stupid. They have no self-esteem or know their worth. I’ve noticed that the women in the office who entertain these bottom of the barrel men, want any attention they can get. They are willing to lower themselves just so a man can complement them. The desperately need someone to constantly reassure them of who they are.  When they really should be thinking about trying to fix their lives  instead of how many people give them the most insignificant praise.

I never had any intentions of giving this good pussy to these losers. The fact that they think they could trick a woman like me into sleeping with them and using me up like yesterday’s trash is comical. I definitely don’t want another woman’s sloppy seconds. Especially, her broke sloppy seconds.

Running Away Mr. and Mrs Right


You know they always say, that when a woman has been in bad relationships, she puts up a wall and grows bitter. When a good man comes her way, she will not recognize him because of her own baggage and will run him away. Like always the female is the one at fault with all the problems

Well I haven’t met any women like this and I’m not like this at all. What I’ve noticed even about myself, when the right man came along with all those qualities I found to be important, I had no walls up, no hurt or pain, and no baggage he had to unpack. All the women I know that had been in bad situations like me, were definitely open and willing to love again easily. Notice I used the word women. Every man isn’t the same. Grown women know this. And just like me, these women go off with their new man and leave that old nonsense behind. They don’t even want their man or relationship around past garbage. Just like me they have nothing to prove and know that nothing good will come of it.

However, I’ve met ALOT of men, including exes, that hold on to baggage from past relationships and don’t know how to let go. I’ve met men, who prejudge women before getting to know them, treat them horribly, and run the women off. I know men, that can’t let go of past girlfriends, wives, and mother in laws. As soon as they meet a new woman, they take all that old crap that happened with other women into the new relationship; which causes bad karma. These are suppose to be strong men, but present themselves like fragile heartbroken boys that a new woman has the responsibility of picking up the pieces.

I know men, that bring their new girlfriends around the old ones to keep tension going. I know men, that facebook stalk their old girlfriends and continuously talk about them with their friends. I know men that go around and spread rumors about women that have made it blatantly clear that they want nothing to do with them. If these men had the chance, would hunt down the old girl just to start trouble in her life to see her unhappy. It is the men (really boys)that act insecure and untrusting of women. Not realizing all women aren’t the same.

But again, its women that carrying around hurt and pain. Its women that bring garbage and stupid shit to men and run them off.. Again, its another situation that is a woman’s fault .. Couldn’t possibly be the trait of so called men~LIBREATEDSLUT

Should I? Could I? Would I? My New Thoughts about Sex Buddies

sensual 104

I took the weekend off from blogging to relax and let go. After a bottle of wine, I started to think about my relationship and what would happen if it ever ended. I wondered about how I would start over again and jump into the dating scene. Would I be on the search for another relationship? Or, would I be satisfied with my fuck buddies?  Now, in my younger years, I promoted the fuck buddy. I believed that a woman should have some one that satisfied her sexual urges between boyfriends. I’m really not interested in friends with benefits anymore,even though I still think that the fuck buddy is necessary for a girl to become a woman. I  came to this conclusion by reevaluating my past as usual. I realized another reason why my previous relationships didn’t work. I dated men that had nothing in common with me, however enjoyed my sex drive. And, what I mean by saying they had nothing in common with me, I’m talking about their ideas of a good woman and my idea of a good woman.  Now, that should be a no brainer right? But no! It’s not as simple as it sounds. You see, because of the fact we had amazing sex, they believed that they could make me into the woman they’ve always wanted. Sounds like what us females do huh?  We think that we can take a man and change him into what we want him to be. But in reality, if someone likes who they are, they probably won’t be willing to change themselves.  That’s how I felt. I realized after all the arguments, the embarrassing moments, and the hurtful motives and techniques the men in my past tried to use to change me, I shouldn’t change at all. I should only change men.  I realized that if these men could not love me how I was and they would do nasty devious things to make me change to fit their own agenda, they weren’t the men for me. That if a man really loved me, he would never do horrible things to trick me into loving him the way he wanted. A good man, a real man, would just tell me how he feels. So that we could both evaluate if I was the woman for him. And sometimes, after evaluation, breaking up is the best conclusion.

That long realization is why I’m no longer a fan of sex buddies for my life. Lonely men who are between relationships having sex with lonely women who are between relationships might not be such a good thing. Not saying that it should never be experienced. But, there should be more thought put into it before getting involved with someone.  I do not feel anyone should be manipulated into being something they are not. Nor, should they feel bad about who they are. If a man or a woman has an idea of the kind of mate they really want, they should talk to the other person they are getting involved with to see if they can live up to expectation.  Especially, if they start off as  fuck buddies.  A lonely person who hasn’t had the attention he or she has wanted, shouldn’t try to make a sex buddy that perfect someone out of desperation. And that’s what happens. When someone has been alone for a while and someone gives them sexual attention and affection, their decision vision gets a little blurry. They try to force that love they’ve desired. But you can’t force love.  As light and thoughtless as it may seem, the sex buddy situation, is more complicated.  Jeez! Age, experience , and wisdom makes me see things totally different now


The Big Dick Epidemic

sensual 124

Dear Diary,

I know it’s been a while since we’ve last talked. I
apologize. I have a confession to make. Lately, I’ve put you on the back burner
because I’ve been enjoying a secret passion of mine. I don’t know how to tell
you this. Mhhmmm it’s going to be hard in more ways than one. It’s very very
difficult to break this to you, since I’ve only told king. Well.….. I kinda
didn’t tell him in English that most can understand. It was more like moans and
groans. Or, you could call it, loud screams  and heavy breathing

Oh fuck it! I’m just gonna come out and admit it……

Diary, you see, I’m addicted to big dicks.. Look ok! I know!
I know!  A woman should never let the
dick get the best of her. We made that agreement a long time ago

But, please, please…..
try to understand my dilemma. I can’t get enough. It is  fucking wonderful
with a capital C! OMG! Every time I open my legs to my lover, its gets better
and better. I can feel every inch of the huge luscious shaft in every curve of
my body. I try to be a good girl, and take every long thick inch. It’s outrageous,
how my man mixes stamina with girth and length. Jeez! I’m surprise my eyes
are not stuck in the back of my head and my voice isn’t completely lost.

It’s an epidemic. Dicks of large proportion are taking over
the nation. Women, especially me, are becoming stone cold addicts. Why just the other day my poor lover, had to go shopping for all new pants. It’s all my fault. I feel horrible…..Well, I couldn’t help myself..I have to have it. I’ve ripped the crotch of every pair of slack he has. I needed my fix

Oh how deep he goes….I have every intention of being
obedient and staying still. However, the harder and harder he strokes, the more
my back arches and my ass lifts in the air. I think he finds pleasure in making
me beg for mercy. Hell, I think I want to beg and plead from him to never stop.
My body shakes and I know I experience multiple orgasms each time.

Diary?? Diary? Are you still there? I know we made a vow to
never surrender. OOH but that shit is soo good. My life would be nothing if he
takes it away. It’s my motivation to behave. I find myself running home after
work, just to sit on that dick. And I like it firm and as stiff as it can get. Fully
erect. My man has pierced my heart. And, I fully surrender to his will.

I’m Emmanuelle Monet. And, for my king, I’m a D.J. A true big dick junkie.


So Far Away (Even bad boys need the support of their women)


I can see him now,

sitting in a chair in front of the fire place
after the shower to attempt to wash away his convictions
His head sinking into his hands
He is stressed out and
worried about the consequences of his actions
His world finally catching up to him
Contemplating his decisions.
Alone in the dark he sits

And me his woman, his support
so far away in my own world
Working towards my own success
Which he supports
even though he was against me leaving him again.
This is his time of need
and I’m not around to support him
How could I leave him lonely?
I should’ve been there
naked straddled across his lap
showing him how much I care
Kissing his lips
with my arms around him
Letting him know, that we will weather this storm together
And through it all, I’m by his side

But, alone in the dark he sits
My voice over the phone isn’t enough
My position in his life is so much more
He needs his woman
my body is his comfort
I should’ve been there
my legs wrapped around the back of that chair
with him deep inside of me
while he relaxes in my caress
whispering how much I love him
and everything will be ok
His head laying softly on my breast
Right there…
with him..
Is where I belong
given him strength

But, instead,
his love, his life
The one that claims to want to be his wife
is so far away

And he probably wonders why
I keep choosing to be so far away

(Special L.S. Guest Author) Moments in Making Love By Jazz


It’s in the moment that he touches me, his strong hands so tender, I feel his love – like electricity burning through my core. He kisses me and passion flares through each caress.

Like wildfire, the tension spreads through us, the longing for what is to come. His hands begin to grip me closer, harder, his strong arms envelope me as we begin to make love.

His body firm against me as we move to the ocean that is our love. I know, in the way he feels, the way he looks at me, we have found something special in each other.

We hold each other closer, reaching for more as we feel the explosion of our love in ways only we can know – for we long for each other, know each other in a way we could never know another – we become one.

In just one touch, we know what we feel for each other, in one touch we ignite passion in one another, in one touch we know we have found forever.

Jazz Lynn

The SLUT interviews …..My favorite moments in love making

It’s those times when I haven’t had sex an awhile. Work and maintaining life, can cause deprivation of pleasure. But, I welcome this. I like it when my body gets a chance to tighten up. My senses go dominant. They become unfamiliar to orgasms ..Mmmmhmm but when I finally kiss a man after a long hiatus, my body begins to flow like it’s the first time.  And his lips on my body, makes me tremble harder. The feeling is mind blowing because it feels like the initial introduction a virgin feels. He awakens my erogenous zone. I’m super sensitive to his touch. Even when we taste each other, it’s like tasting the most flavor cuisine for the very first time. My mouth can’t get enough. And, my clit is soft and vulnerable. It’s like pleasure is a silent victimizer, creeping up on the unexpected

It’s when. he is fully firm and erect, he opens my legs, and takes the very first thrust. OOOh that very first thrust is what a man is made of. It’s his strongest. He shows me right then, why I need a man. It’s so powerful, that even he feels it deeply. My back tenses up just a little. And at this time, I feel the most feminine. That stroke causes me to moan and passionately scratch his back for mercy. This is when a man claims his position as regulator of the world. Yes baby regulate this pussy! It’s a small portion of my life that I want to be nothing but a woman made for a man’s invasion. Soon the climax follows……this is my favorite part of making love~Emmanuelle Monet


I Like It When We Part 1 (Emmanuelle)


I like it when we get lost on some exotic ocean front hideaway island after an argument. He’s going to punish me for being disobedient. He grabs me by the hair and strips off my clothes, except my panties.  I lay across his lap and wait for my punishment. He firmly slaps my ass wanting me to cry out. Then, he slides my panties down and grabs the strawberry flavored oil.He knows how much I like it when he rubs the sticky warm sensation all over my ass. He slaps it hard again. I cry out, but beg him to continue. There is pleasure in every painful strike. He then lays me across the bed. With my back arched and my ass in the air, he drizzles the oil down my back; then, between my ass cheeks. He watches as it falls between my lips. He continues to rub the oil all over my body as he begins to kiss my cheeks. Then his tongue samples the mix of the strawberry flavor and my clit. I’m in ecstasy but I’m anxious to return the favor.

Every time we disagree, my taste buds crave him. I push him away and grab the oil. He stands waiting on my next move. I start at his chest, following the trail of the the strawberry flavor with my tongue until I end up on my knees. I take him into my mouth quickly with a firm grip; over and over gain. Then, pull him out slowly. I won’t let him cum. No….Not yet! I rub him all over my breast. I rise from my knees and push him on to the bed. I climb on top of him backwards and force my way back into is mouth. We taste each other at the same time. I feel myself slipping away into a climax. But, I’m determined to cum while he is inside me. I quickly change positions. I straddle him in reverse, so he can look at my ass shining. I want him to see how his enters me. It feels so good as he keeps tapping my spots. I shake my ass and slide up and down. I scream his name, holding back, so we can climax together.  He swells and throbs, the faster I ride. He can’t hold it any longer, neither can I. ……………………………..Breathe in ………….Breathe out………………I’m cumming awh awh …..I love you


Shitty Sex. Letting Go of the Past

I used to have those days when I used to sit back and think of past relationships. This was the preking era of my life. I would talk about it with friends. Not, because I wanted old boyfriends or fuck buddies back, it was because I was mad with myself for even getting involved. I used to get super pissed every time I think about the bad sex I used to have. But when I met the king, things changed for me. The first time we made love,( which I’ve never written about) and the first time he held me in his arms; I realized it was time for me to let go of the anger. I realized how much I didn’t care about anybody before him. I did things or said things to previous men either to sleep with them or to play with their emotions. But I didn’t care from them. If I cared, then I wouldn’t have treated them the way I did. I never really made any efforts to keep them. Always secretly wishing other women would come along to get them the fuck out of my face. I could never love any man that tried to keep me confined or criticized who I was as a person. I was happy with me and all my wildness. I just had to find a man that loved me the same way. And, I did just that!

True, talk of all the horrible boyfriends and terrible sex, is good for business. Everyone likes to read about  the craziness of ex relationships. And for entertainment purposes, I don’t mind telling the stories. But personally, at home when it was he and I, I never wanted to talk about situations that could ruin our time we spent together. Honestly J or I, never waste our time concerning men we have no interest in sleeping with especially  old boyfriends or just friends for that matter. What’s done is done. And, I don’t want any loser from my past to think that him or his shitty sex is worth me talking about and reliving over and over again. However, if its a topic that’s blog worthy, we will write about it; no questions asked. But, we do not bring that into our personal life once we sign off of L.S. work. We are too busy making love, getting sexier (if that’s even possible), and having the time of our lives.

I’ve learned that people that I don’t get along with and can’t see in my life, should be given their walking papers quickly. No need to drag it out or try to work on a friendship/relationship that doesn’t exist. There is no reason for me to settle the score, keep up with them, or wish harm to them. Because that means I care and that’s definitely not the case. “Cut them off sharply and never look back” like Janet always says. “Just goodbye and good writtens!”

Great sex needs all my attention. I’d rather have my mouth full of one of my new cuties than talk about some dude I wouldn’t fuck again with someone else’s  pussy. And, I’m telling the honest truth, that I’ve been fucking my brains out from Manhattan to Brooklyn. I know my lovers will laugh when they read this, since this is the only time they get a chance to learn about my past. When we are together, there are more important things for them to focus on; like my clit!