So Far Away (Even bad boys need the support of their women)


I can see him now,

sitting in a chair in front of the fire place
after the shower to attempt to wash away his convictions
His head sinking into his hands
He is stressed out and
worried about the consequences of his actions
His world finally catching up to him
Contemplating his decisions.
Alone in the dark he sits

And me his woman, his support
so far away in my own world
Working towards my own success
Which he supports
even though he was against me leaving him again.
This is his time of need
and I’m not around to support him
How could I leave him lonely?
I should’ve been there
naked straddled across his lap
showing him how much I care
Kissing his lips
with my arms around him
Letting him know, that we will weather this storm together
And through it all, I’m by his side

But, alone in the dark he sits
My voice over the phone isn’t enough
My position in his life is so much more
He needs his woman
my body is his comfort
I should’ve been there
my legs wrapped around the back of that chair
with him deep inside of me
while he relaxes in my caress
whispering how much I love him
and everything will be ok
His head laying softly on my breast
Right there…
with him..
Is where I belong
given him strength

But, instead,
his love, his life
The one that claims to want to be his wife
is so far away

And he probably wonders why
I keep choosing to be so far away