(Special L.S. Guest Author) Moments in Making Love By Jazz


It’s in the moment that he touches me, his strong hands so tender, I feel his love – like electricity burning through my core. He kisses me and passion flares through each caress.

Like wildfire, the tension spreads through us, the longing for what is to come. His hands begin to grip me closer, harder, his strong arms envelope me as we begin to make love.

His body firm against me as we move to the ocean that is our love. I know, in the way he feels, the way he looks at me, we have found something special in each other.

We hold each other closer, reaching for more as we feel the explosion of our love in ways only we can know – for we long for each other, know each other in a way we could never know another – we become one.

In just one touch, we know what we feel for each other, in one touch we ignite passion in one another, in one touch we know we have found forever.

Jazz Lynn