An Office Fuck


office sexWhen did it become the norm that men liked cheap easy women in the office that they could have meaningless sex with; then go home and give their small checks to their wives? Huh, I’m not interested in sleeping with a bunch of corporate American nothings for nothing. Now, what I mean by this statement is, I don’t believe in being openly used by has been married men. I mean the nerve of these fucking losers who want a cheap easy lay, while their funds go to pampering their wives. Think about it, they already have kids and a bunch of responsibility. They can never really marry you or take you seriously because you would be a dirty whore home wrecker. So the courtship is worthless

Now, there have been men  I’ve  flirted with just a little for laughs. But the idea of someone like me having to act all desperate and sleep with perverts, is quite disgusting. These men barely provide for their wives, but are so willing to lay up with other women and risk getting them pregnant or even contracting some sexually transmitted disease.

What’s even sadder than that, these women aren’t even top notch women. They are usually young, broke, and really stupid. They have no self-esteem or know their worth. I’ve noticed that the women in the office who entertain these bottom of the barrel men, want any attention they can get. They are willing to lower themselves just so a man can complement them. The desperately need someone to constantly reassure them of who they are.  When they really should be thinking about trying to fix their lives  instead of how many people give them the most insignificant praise.

I never had any intentions of giving this good pussy to these losers. The fact that they think they could trick a woman like me into sleeping with them and using me up like yesterday’s trash is comical. I definitely don’t want another woman’s sloppy seconds. Especially, her broke sloppy seconds.