Stripper Pole in the Bedroom …Dancing for My Man

I want to start this blog by saying …Hell no I’m not a stripper. So let’s get the lies out the way. However, there is this stripper pole dancing class that I’ve stopped in on every once and awhile to learn some sexy moves for the bedroom. Since I have a man in my life these days, I want to keep him turned on and coming back for more. I care about him and he keeps me wet, so I like to do all the sexy things I can for him. That’s why I’m considering getting a pole in my bedroom. I want to give him his own private show any time he requests it.  We‘ve been to strip clubs together and I see how much he enjoys it.I think it’s very sexy when a couple explores a diverse variety of sexuality.

I ordered a portable sexy pink stripper pole from Of course, I had to go out and by the 7 inch come fuck me stripper shoes and make a special trip to Victoria Secret. Once I received my pole, I planned a hot and sexy night with my man. I went to the spa and got my usual body scrub and moisturizer. The body was soft and perfumed, the pole was set up , the candles lit, and the wine was ready to go.  Now it was time to choose the music before I received the call from security downstairs to let me know my baby was waiting. I figure I would start with Beyonce, then who knows. Just as long as we both end up naked and climaxing by the end of the night.

He knocked on the door and I answered in full costume. Then I led him to my bedroom, and then sat him down in the chair in front of the pole. The music was on and now it was time for me to put on a show. As soon as I climbed that pole and bent over, he couldn’t resist reaching out to touch. But, I wouldn’t let him until my dance was over. I removed my bodysuit but kept on my heels. I completely undressed him for a full contact lap dance. Well the night ended like I planned.  Anything for my man…

The Worst Sex Ever(The lost Art of Whooping the Coochie)


I remember a time when I used to have the best orgasms ever. It was around 18 I think. I was living in Atlanta for about 6 months. I was having the kind of sex that women in their 30s or 40s never had. I had only couple of lovers at the time, that I rarely saw. But when I did, they would fuck my brains out constantly. Infact, my best lover, taught me how to make love for hours and hours. Damn the thing that man could do with his tongue. I was so relaxed and calm then. That’s what good sex does, releases a woman’s bitchiness. My motivation levels were up and my fuck you attitude was under control. Then, I did the dumbest shit ever and got married. Fucking reality!

However, my sex life was still pretty good. Especially, my oral sex life. But the last couple of years have been horrible. You would think that the men in this city would be having so much sex, that they would be fantastic at it. On the contrary! They are so busy trying to fuck models, that they don’t even really have sex. They are more about looks and superficial bullshit than knowing how to please women. All they want to do is sit around with other men and gossip like hoes about the models they are fucking. But honestly, all they are doing is spending money on superficial shit and dinners trying to impress these ladies; who in return, don’t intend on giving them any pussy at all. And if they do, the men only last about 15 minutes; because they have no practiced stamina. All these women want to do is get married, so they use the pussy as a negotiating tool. That’s why this city is full of evil women and bitchy men, because no one is fucking.  I remember the country where everyone was sweet and nice. That’s because at night they were wearing the springs out on their beds. Three things southern women do well: cook, clean, and fuck! And, we fuck like there is no tomorrow! Like the world is coming to an end. A man loves a slutty woman in the bedroom who is not afraid to put a dick in her mouth! Not some snobby bitch, that uses a blow job like a gift for a man giving her a wedding ring. Guess what your man still cheats on you once he marries you. And, you still ain’t happy with the marriage. You still do not completely have him after all those stupid ass holding out games. He still is going to cheat with every whore in the neighborhood. If he is a dog, he is just a dog period! And, you’ll end up the mother and wife that is bitter because you can’t keep your man at home.

I’m starting to think it’s hilarious the way these dudes run after the LIBERATEDSLUT girls.Especially, since most of us don’t live in Florida. If they are getting all this pussy, why would a couple of women who talk openly about sex but live miles away be chased after like this? Mmmhmm I wonder why??? Also, these men have all these demands, but can’t live up to their side of the bargain. They try to use love and emotions as a way to manipulate a woman and hide their horrible sex. All this whining about love and commitment. Please! Motherfuckers who are you fooling? You’re just trying to find a reason to keep me dealing with your limp dick ass. I bet them tactics won’t trap me again!

I have to be a man’s slutty lover as well as his girlfriend. That’s why I like my southern men. Because, they believe that a woman is supposed to clean a home, cook a good meal, and suck a mean dick. Maybe not every man’s dick, but no doubt she needs to suck his at a minutes notice.Just because a woman is a good girl, who’s wifey material, doesn’t mean she doesn’t need to get “the dick!” In this city, if you can find a woman nice enough to cook, clean, and say kinds words to you; you should be giving her the best dick of her life. Because it’s a rarity here, to find women who don’t just care about themselves and what they are getting out of the deal. I don’t need a man who is a so so fuck in my life. He can’t keep my attention at all. I don’t give a shit what he has to offer. It’s a lot of men down here with materialistic things. However, get them in the bedroom and they want a woman to do all the work. They don’t have any stroking skills.  And, longevity and stamina, you can forget it!  I don’t want to ride in a luxury car if there is no quality dick driving it! I made a vow on my 31st birthday, once I realize a dude can’t fuck, I leave him alone.  He might be cute so I’ll flirt from a distance. But that’s all he’ll get. No pussy, just meaningless drunken conversation.

True I love a man with a good heart and plenty of ambition, but he needs to be a dynamo in the bedroom. My king is not a southern man, but he is good old fashion American nasty. He is packing a beast that has my ass under full control! I’m a wild woman nowadays. I have to be fucked back into domestication. That’s the only way I’ll commit to going down the aisle. My girlfriends and I are fully grown women; and there is no need to keep playing like good sex is not important.  There are women who can continue playing games, but they’re the ones missing out on a good climax which is a hell of an experience!



I Fell in Love with My Mirror Image….I’ve Met My Match Part 2

Like any couple out on a date, my king and I had a conversation about the things we have in common other than sex. The similarities in goals and expectations were astonishing.  We both don’t have children and we both want to have our first child around 40 yrs old. We both like money, traveling, and cultured events. And most importantly, we’re not extremists when it’s concerning religion. We believe in logic and self -control.  We believe in the too much of anything makes you an addict concept. He is adventurous and spontaneous like me. And, he has a crazy sense of humor like me as well.  He is extremely American with American values. He believes that if it has nothing to do with him, he does not have an opinion or gets involved. He could be doing something productive with his time to benefit his own life. We share the belief that we don’t have to be under each other all the time. I hate being in relationship where there is insecurity and no trust. If my man wants to go to the strip club with the fellas, I don’t mind. I think it’s sexy. I have things I like to do with the girls or alone. I don’t want a man in my face constantly. Drives me nuts. We both don’t believe in listening to other people or letting others effect the way we are with each other. I’m quick to tell people to keep their opinions to  their self.We are the type that prefer to be somewhere making love rather than getting involved in others affairs.

Sex is very very important to me. I can’t be in a relationship where the passion is so so. And I found a man who is the same way. He likes hot freaky sex frequently. We are not overly conservative prudes that play make believe in public. However, sex cannot hold a relationship together forever. As soon as the infatuation wears off, the true test of love begins. If we decide to be fully committed in the future, we both understand that. I’m finding in life, it’s easier to be around people with common interest and beliefs, especially when it comes to love.

I Fell In Love with My Mirror Image…I’ve Met My Match


I realized why I’m so crazy about this man. He is my mirror image in so many ways. The qualities that I like about the real me, he has all of them. He brings out that fun adventurous southern part of me. But at the same time, tames me because he does not worry about bullshit constantly. He has these wild spurts when he needs to get out and party every now and then; nothing too crazy, just a drunken night at the club dancing and laughing. Then, he will stay home for weeks at a time and not go out just like me.He never takes it too far; he parties just enough to have a good time without going overboard, just like me

He likes a sexy well-dressed woman who can get really freaky in the bedroom. He appreciates my kinky girl loving side. I told him  if it ever gets to the point that he and I were living together, he would never have to step out. He can just bring the girl home and we can both enjoy her. But, she’ll never be wifey, that’s my title. He likes a feisty woman who’ll fight for her man and is just a strong as him. When he can’t be around, I can handle shit on my own. I’m not a weak woman, I’m a gladiator.  I can hold shit down when he needs me to with no problems.

He is passion driven like me. He worships sexy and so do I. Every argument will end up with his hands around me neck and my ass in air. He takes control like a real man. He’ll never cry and pout like some kind of man child or whiny bitch. Any time I act up he will come in and get that shit under control without raising his voice. And the only time he calls me a bitch is when he is drilling my ass.I’ve never liked to cry and hurt, but I’m thinking about the passion between us when he makes me mad. Angy sex with tears is fucking amazing. He would take the pussy anywhere and anyway he wants it. I can barely control my flash backs while working. Just to think about him, gets me wet and turned on. As soon as I would open my eyes in the morning and he is lying next to me, I would be horny as hell. He would wake up every morning in my mouth.Loving him would be exciting and fun because he will never be completely attainable and he can’t be easily conquered, just like me. He makes his own rules and follows his own path. I’m the kind of woman who can rock a suit, loves cultured things like museums and the ballet, and can be very sophisticated; but at the same time, I will fight if I have to and I can be very feisty. I don’t take shit off of anybody regardless of where I am. My man has to be the same way. Most people live only one type of life. But me, I like everything except drugs. That’s my limit. I don’t need to fake like I’m so high class knowing I do crazy shit sometimes. All this labeling people shit is not me. And my man definitely is not like that.

I’ve never had so much respect for a person in my life. Not even my parents can control me like this man. He will never talk behind my back and tell lies. If he has something to say, he gets in my face and says it; just like me if I had a problem. He doesn’t do little undermining girly shit, like other men I’ve dated.  We are both control freaks. Nothing will overpower his mind.  I can’t stand weakness. People who let their emotions control their entire life exhaust me and I cut them off real quick; I prefer logic. I don’t like people who cry and throw fits when they get jealous. I like my man to grab my ass up and fuck the shit out me, to remind me who it belongs to. He is very protective and possessive. I usually hate that, but on him it’s sexy. I couldn’t imagine giving his pussy away but I’ll flirt a little bit just so I can get punished later. haha  Damn the future looks bright.

Dreaming of the Perfect Lover Part 2 (The Man Inside)



He stares at her and confesses

“I love it when you dress so sexy

sexier and sexier”

And, that security makes her feel so incredibly beautiful

“You turn me on a

Like the light, I shine

and you are the master of my glow

Every time that dress hugs your curves as you walk across the floor

It makes me want you even more

You are  all mine

every round of you

so fine

I enjoy the dinner, the midnight dance, the wine

They all stare at you

They all crave you

but my confidence knows reassures me that you’re mine

Yes you’re mine!”



He whispers,

“Men and women are capable of the same things

We can play the same games

Fall in and out of love

Cause the same heart break

And I know just like I can walk away

you can

Just like I can find a new girl

you can find a new man

So I will never see you as weak or less than me

or never will I secretly wish you to be

I would never provoke you to the arms of another

to prove your strength

I don’t take for granted

you can be lost to some other lover

But knowing that, won’t  make me insecure to hurt you

I’ll just make sure that I do right by you

and that will keep you close

I will never think my love has you captive

I want my touch to set you free

I won’t expect you to always put my feelings before your own

because you are important

I want you to take care of yourself and flourish

Live out your dreams and I will support you

just like you support me and nurture  my needs

I will never expect you to be in the background waiting

as I go through changes and make foolish mistakes

exhausting you and draining you

I will never smile or feel accomplished because of your heart break

I will never display you  like a trophy or prize

My love for you will never be a show

a ridiculous parade

a performance of lies

Never will I  have to brag or boast

I will just love you always

through space and time

And I’m confident that you love me

I’m yours my love

and you are mine