The Worst Sex Ever(The lost Art of Whooping the Coochie)


I remember a time when I used to have the best orgasms ever. It was around 18 I think. I was living in Atlanta for about 6 months. I was having the kind of sex that women in their 30s or 40s never had. I had only couple of lovers at the time, that I rarely saw. But when I did, they would fuck my brains out constantly. Infact, my best lover, taught me how to make love for hours and hours. Damn the thing that man could do with his tongue. I was so relaxed and calm then. That’s what good sex does, releases a woman’s bitchiness. My motivation levels were up and my fuck you attitude was under control. Then, I did the dumbest shit ever and got married. Fucking reality!

However, my sex life was still pretty good. Especially, my oral sex life. But the last couple of years have been horrible. You would think that the men in this city would be having so much sex, that they would be fantastic at it. On the contrary! They are so busy trying to fuck models, that they don’t even really have sex. They are more about looks and superficial bullshit than knowing how to please women. All they want to do is sit around with other men and gossip like hoes about the models they are fucking. But honestly, all they are doing is spending money on superficial shit and dinners trying to impress these ladies; who in return, don’t intend on giving them any pussy at all. And if they do, the men only last about 15 minutes; because they have no practiced stamina. All these women want to do is get married, so they use the pussy as a negotiating tool. That’s why this city is full of evil women and bitchy men, because no one is fucking.  I remember the country where everyone was sweet and nice. That’s because at night they were wearing the springs out on their beds. Three things southern women do well: cook, clean, and fuck! And, we fuck like there is no tomorrow! Like the world is coming to an end. A man loves a slutty woman in the bedroom who is not afraid to put a dick in her mouth! Not some snobby bitch, that uses a blow job like a gift for a man giving her a wedding ring. Guess what your man still cheats on you once he marries you. And, you still ain’t happy with the marriage. You still do not completely have him after all those stupid ass holding out games. He still is going to cheat with every whore in the neighborhood. If he is a dog, he is just a dog period! And, you’ll end up the mother and wife that is bitter because you can’t keep your man at home.

I’m starting to think it’s hilarious the way these dudes run after the LIBERATEDSLUT girls.Especially, since most of us don’t live in Florida. If they are getting all this pussy, why would a couple of women who talk openly about sex but live miles away be chased after like this? Mmmhmm I wonder why??? Also, these men have all these demands, but can’t live up to their side of the bargain. They try to use love and emotions as a way to manipulate a woman and hide their horrible sex. All this whining about love and commitment. Please! Motherfuckers who are you fooling? You’re just trying to find a reason to keep me dealing with your limp dick ass. I bet them tactics won’t trap me again!

I have to be a man’s slutty lover as well as his girlfriend. That’s why I like my southern men. Because, they believe that a woman is supposed to clean a home, cook a good meal, and suck a mean dick. Maybe not every man’s dick, but no doubt she needs to suck his at a minutes notice.Just because a woman is a good girl, who’s wifey material, doesn’t mean she doesn’t need to get “the dick!” In this city, if you can find a woman nice enough to cook, clean, and say kinds words to you; you should be giving her the best dick of her life. Because it’s a rarity here, to find women who don’t just care about themselves and what they are getting out of the deal. I don’t need a man who is a so so fuck in my life. He can’t keep my attention at all. I don’t give a shit what he has to offer. It’s a lot of men down here with materialistic things. However, get them in the bedroom and they want a woman to do all the work. They don’t have any stroking skills.  And, longevity and stamina, you can forget it!  I don’t want to ride in a luxury car if there is no quality dick driving it! I made a vow on my 31st birthday, once I realize a dude can’t fuck, I leave him alone.  He might be cute so I’ll flirt from a distance. But that’s all he’ll get. No pussy, just meaningless drunken conversation.

True I love a man with a good heart and plenty of ambition, but he needs to be a dynamo in the bedroom. My king is not a southern man, but he is good old fashion American nasty. He is packing a beast that has my ass under full control! I’m a wild woman nowadays. I have to be fucked back into domestication. That’s the only way I’ll commit to going down the aisle. My girlfriends and I are fully grown women; and there is no need to keep playing like good sex is not important.  There are women who can continue playing games, but they’re the ones missing out on a good climax which is a hell of an experience!