Dreaming of the Perfect Lover Part 2 (The Man Inside)



He stares at her and confesses

“I love it when you dress so sexy

sexier and sexier”

And, that security makes her feel so incredibly beautiful

“You turn me on a

Like the light, I shine

and you are the master of my glow

Every time that dress hugs your curves as you walk across the floor

It makes me want you even more

You are  all mine

every round of you

so fine

I enjoy the dinner, the midnight dance, the wine

They all stare at you

They all crave you

but my confidence knows reassures me that you’re mine

Yes you’re mine!”



He whispers,

“Men and women are capable of the same things

We can play the same games

Fall in and out of love

Cause the same heart break

And I know just like I can walk away

you can

Just like I can find a new girl

you can find a new man

So I will never see you as weak or less than me

or never will I secretly wish you to be

I would never provoke you to the arms of another

to prove your strength

I don’t take for granted

you can be lost to some other lover

But knowing that, won’t  make me insecure to hurt you

I’ll just make sure that I do right by you

and that will keep you close

I will never think my love has you captive

I want my touch to set you free

I won’t expect you to always put my feelings before your own

because you are important

I want you to take care of yourself and flourish

Live out your dreams and I will support you

just like you support me and nurture  my needs

I will never expect you to be in the background waiting

as I go through changes and make foolish mistakes

exhausting you and draining you

I will never smile or feel accomplished because of your heart break

I will never display you  like a trophy or prize

My love for you will never be a show

a ridiculous parade

a performance of lies

Never will I  have to brag or boast

I will just love you always

through space and time

And I’m confident that you love me

I’m yours my love

and you are mine

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  1. Awesome and so erotic, I am so your fan, must read more. I found you looking through the web for liberated and found this blog. I will be back. Please keep writing.

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