I’m tired of being the one that

Inflicts no mercy

I never wanted be the dominatrix

Because they were weaker

I had to be stronger

They never could hang with me

between the sheets

They never could tame that wild beast inside

I suck them dry

Against me they had no fight

I made them all run, hide, and cry

But I see something different in you

You’re rough like a jagged edge

But your soul is true

And I have faith that you will take all my power tonight

I want to be turned upside down

I want to bow on my knees

And release the throne

Give you the crown

Between my legs has always ruled

These silly amateur fools

My legacy lingers from miles around

I found my Alpha

The diamond in the rough

The one who knows my hand

and can call my bluff

It intrigues me

that you’ve barely touched me

but you have all my attention

I’m want to follow and let you take the lead

I’ve fallen in my heart for a true king

And you could care less what people think of you

You don’t give a fuck if they have a problem with what you do

Because you are so bold and fearless

I’m ready to dance for you

Romance you

To cook for you

clean for you

Do everything

that’s nasty and obscene for you

My girls are on board

We’ll give you what every you ask for

I’m ready for you to

do that which no man could ever do with his

petty sex and trivial dick

Fuck up my mind

Conquer my heart

Love my body

Whip me

One thought on “WHIP ME

  1. Your poetry is so beautiful and very true. I feel the same feelings and it is refreshing to find them written down like someone has written down my thoughts. It’s like you are in my head. Not that I mind. I shared it with my husband who of course didn’t understand. After all he’s just a man. Keep writing, I’ll keep reading.

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