The Definition of A Sexy Man

Every woman has an opinion on what makes a man sexy. So of course I have mine. It’s real simple. I like a humble, down to earth, intellectual man.I’m  more in to how a man carries himself than his physical looks. Some men are ok looking, but they have a swagger that’s unstoppable. Physically attractive men are nice but sometimes I find them just to be something to look at. I prefer smarts and intelligence. That’s what gets me sexually turned on the most. So if he can match physical and intellectual he is a keeper.

I like a man who thinks before he acts and practices self control. A man that prefers being with a woman than hanging with dudes. I never liked a flashy fool, someone who needs constant attention like he is in a popularity contest. I don’t date “gang members.” It really turns me off. Yes I will sleep with men who are a part of the in crowd but that’s about it. If they are flashy and superficial, it ends really quickly because I end up leaving them for someone else.

A self –sufficient man is always sexy. Independence is a must. I love a man that thinks for himself and makes his own decisions. I hate a mama’s boy or a guy who is too close with friends and family. I like my relationships to be private. I don’t like a man talking about our situation with other people. Really pisses me off! I like a man who stands out from the crowd and is a leader. I hate cliques. The shit is stupid and petty. I hate men who need approval from their friends. He has to have complete control over his thoughts. I prefer a don’t give a shit what you think attitude.

Also, I like for a man to control his emotions. I’m the woman here so I don’t need a dramatic bitch for a lover. I hate men who like to fuss with women. Men should know its a losing battle. You are never going to be right so let it go. It really does make you look like a bitch to go back and forth with a girl! I need someone who is caring and considerate with a really good heart. But, not some overly sweet wimp.  I don’t like to always be in control or bossy. The real me hates bossing a man around. It makes him look like a pussy. Last time a check I have one between my legs  and I’m not looking for another one.

Ambition and stability is important. He has to be goal orientated and driven. A money maker is all I will be with. Being me isn’t cheap and there is no need to play like it is. I like to travel and live nicely. Yes I have my own money but having his as well is not a bad thing.

A gentleman with manners gets me every time. Not some foul mouth ass hole that has no respect for women. I like a man to open the door and walk me to my car. It shows he has class and his mama raised him right. Men that call women derogatory names are disgusting. I don’t care how a woman acts or provokes anger; a man should still adhere to being a gentleman. It makes him look civilized and mature in the end. A real man waits to take his anger out in the bed room. That’s when he will punish your ass and make you climb the walls. You know pull that hair and smack that ass. That’s some dangerous shit!

I don’t mind a player as long he is a gentleman with it. I’m usually not with being one of a man’s many women but for a gentleman I just might make an exception. I can’t even smart talk or be nasty to a smooth operator. Hell even I respect his game.  And anytime he wants it he can get it! You know the type of  man that you try to get mad with and you show up to go off on his ass but you end up naked  and on your back. Those are the smooth, calm, gentlemen. My absolute favorite! I can be a real mean bitch but a smooth operator with a killer smile can make me melt. I’ll be like fine! Fuck it! Come over! I’m at his command. He can bring out the freak in me. I’ll be like sure I call one of my girls. Sharing is caring!

Now let’s get to the good part, the sex. He has to be good in bed! If I give him a chance to get between my legs, he better wear that shit out! I like a mixture of rough and smooth. A real man doesn’t worry about who you were with before him. He is just going to make sure he taps that ass so good that you will only think of him. That any man that comes after won’t even compare. See I’m not one to be easily tamed. I’m not big on monogamy unless it’s the right person.The right man will be a long dick stroker and a pussy eater. I like 5 hour sex. Yes damit! I said 5 hours. Not all the time, quickies are nice. But I like stamina and multiple orgasms.  Spontaneity is amazing. I like a man who will take the pussy anywhere and anytime. I like to have sex in the movies, restaurants, car  etc. Even just standing in the kitchen washing dishes and he sneaks up behind and fucks the shit out of me. If a man has the bedroom on lock, then his woman isn’t going anywhere. Romance has to be apart of the equation as well. He has to but effort and energy in making plans for romantic evenings. Not all the time but every once in  awhile is nice.

At the end of the day I’m just like any woman. However, I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve. I have been through too much shit for that. It takes a certain kind and I won’t settle for less. Honestly we don’t have to be in a commitment. But, he still has to meet my standards for even friendship. Sometimes I can act really butch and masculine. I get that it can be intimidating but that’s only to weak ass men. When a man has the qualities I like then I settle my crazy ass right down. Too bad I’ve yet to find these kind of men in South Florida.

One Night

So I was like u know what I want.

Seriously my interest are shallow with no deep intentions

My attitude cold and on target.

He replied I feel you.

But I’m a man with understanding of self.

I have nothing to prove.

I’m not insecure, so there is no reason to brag

I’m not boastful or

full of pride

the characteristics of a school boy past.

I make love  regardless if its a commitment or a short lived romance.

You will be a woman when with me

And I will treat u as such.

I expect so much more and you’ll never be anything less.

At that moment he elevated my interest.

My demeanor and conversation changing

Maturing again

I felt soft and beautiful

He continued

You don’t have to be mine tomorrow

And we don’t have to speak of the future

But when you open up to me

I want to feel like I’m the only man

and my name is the only ever whispered from your lips.

I want you to tell me its mine

And caress me like I’m your king

The deity in which you serve

And in return I will hold you like no other women ever exist. like u were made for only me

And I will appreciate every inch of your body

I want you to feel comfortable

Uninhibited and free

Your true self will be my secret

When the morning comes and we separate

You will think of me.

Desire me

I will be one of the best in your life.

And I will long for you

Awaiting the next time

Even though luv is not defined

By forever

Between us

Or monogamous

We still don’t have to sacrifice romance

It still could be something

beautiful every time we come together

As he spoke

Memories of my femininity


I felt

sophisticated and smooth

I felt like

even if for one night

I could just be a woman

With no boundaries

Or defense

No image protection

Or damage control of the heart

He was a man

And he expected so much more

That I could no longer accept anything less


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