Balanced Lover Balanced Sex Balanced Life

Sometimes I wonder, If  I will ever find a lover that can give me everything I want.I don’t want to settle and I’m too old to believe in fairy tales. But I still have faith that love with find me and that I shouldn’t waste my life searching. Good things come to those who wait. Being the epitome of the Libra sign, I believe life is all about balance. I don’t want an extreme.  I want a good portion of  everything life has to offer and need that same attitude in a lover. I’ve always dated extreme people and it ended terribly because they can’t understand me. Sometimes I like to party, sometimes I like to stay home, Sometimes I’m conservative, sometimes I’m wild, Sometimes I like to make love, and sometimes I like to fuck. I can’t believe in just one way of life because I see all the possibilities and flaws of any ideology or tradition. A belief could work well for some and not for others.

I’m finding that’s the reason I’m dissatisfied with lovers I’ve had. Because they can live only one way. The world is so big and there is so much to experience. I can’t be trapped in one method of living . I have to be apart of it all. And the only person that can be by my side is some one who is free spirited and open minded. If they see the entire world as an opportunity to explore, that’s the only way they can deal with me and keep my attention. I won’t be judgmental and I won’t succumb to what some call “a traditional life” or a “traditional love”  I need  a love  that frees my soul not confines it!

A Balanced Lover

I need to hear I love you
As you passionately undress me
kiss me softly between my breasts
And then down my thighs.
I need that smooth touch that only you can give
Take your time with me .
I want to experience heaven
I want to feel every flicker of your tongue as it
glides across my softest spot
warm and soothing.
I’m raining.
Enter me slowly with deep gentle stokes of love making
while I lay in your arms.
Remind me that I am your future
Hold my hand as your body presses against mine
caress me and stare into my eyes
At that moment when you release in to me
Let your kiss be stronger and tender
Make me feel like I’m more than woman
I’m your lady.

After we’ve had too much to drink
Take me home
Make me kneel down in front of you
Force yourself into my mouth
until you are rock hard and throbbing
until I gasp for breath
Force me down on to the floor from behind
then shove into me sending a unforgiving shock through my body
Demand a confession
Make me tell you who’s the best.
Make me scream and cry for you to fuck me
Ask me whose pussy is this
Teach me the pleasure in pain
Thrust deep into every part of me
From front to back.
With every pound, remind me of those days when I can’t stand you and won’t give in,
of every vile word I say out of anger
Express your torment and frustration
exercise your rage
I want my legs and your shoulders to meet
So that I have to accept every inch of you
Make me constrict so tightly that it feels as if my body is sucking you
I want your taste to explode on to my lips
Prove to me the strength of a man

Give me what I need the most
Every thought
Every experience
Every emotion
I want you to lust me
I want you to love me
I want to be the conventional and the inappropriate
The pride and the secret
the conformist and the explicit
the proper and the dirty
The fantasy and the reality
I want to be the balance
I want to be, your everything

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