Rain, Football, and Wet Fantasies

It was a beautiful day for me. My favorite gray sky and dark clouds on Miami Beach; Cumulonimbus days make me lustful. Signs of rain influence thoughts of love making. Like me in my Jersey and panties waiting for that certain friend to keep me company during the storm. Session after session of heat and moisture as it pours down outside; sentimental mood by  John Coltrane playing as he sits on the couch; I stand in front of him and candles burn all around during halftime. I like to undress slowly in the light; I want him to see all of me. I have no shame of my beautiful body. Riesling tastes better sliding down between my breast. Then, I remove his clothes and he is hard as a rock; I’m wet from the strip show.  I turn around and sit on him; making sure to take every inch of that hard beautiful dick as he watches the game. Legs wide open as I ride; his beloved team execute plays moving closer and closer until 1st down. I’m his favorite player. A girl with a tight end who can take a hard tackle and  make amazing chicken wings

A rainy Sunday afternoon, football, liquor, and sex! That’s E time! Sooner or later, I’ll find the perfect buddy. I’m pacing myself for  a sexier selection.  The future promises better days. I’m missing the feel of a man on my lips exploding as his favorite quarterback runs into the end zone. Touchdown! But, I rather wait and scan through the applicants wisely. It’s a shame that I have to go through all this for a fuck buddy.  It is what is.  Still the rain is enchanting though.

Embrace Me

Lets forget all outside these doors
and let this rainstorm be our focal point
My mood is submersion
and you find it there from thigh to thigh
Deep within ivory sheets and satin pillows
Bound in our embrace
Let my heart follow the speed of your body
Then softly calmly relax and sway
Until I feel every breath
Like its was my last