Another Late Night Rendezvous My Love(Part 1)


It was around three a.m.

He quietly unlocked the door

Finding his way to my bedroom in the darkness

he came to me.

The feeling of his lips on my neck awakens me from a deep sleep

His fingers slide under the covers then slip into my panties, entering me

slowly. Bracing myself, I tightly squeeze his wrist and bit my bottom lip as I

open my eyes.

He removes his fingers then takes me by the hand

He leads me out of the bedroom,  down the dark hallway to the dining room

He lights a candle, pulls out a chair, and takes a seat

There I stand awaiting his next move

He pulls me close and tells me to undress for him slowly

Each breath I take is more intense than the last

Finally I reach the bottom of the negligee

Take your time he commands

Exposing my breast as the sleeves fall off my shoulders

Holding the material around my waist I continue to stare into his eyes

Yes he says keep going, let it go

I exhale and release the gown down onto the floor

Good girl he says

Now turn around, bend over, and remove your panties he commands

I arch my back

My fingertips caress the back of my thighs

My ass tilted in the air, I began to slide my panties off the curves of my cheeks

My feet move further apart as the material moves down my thighs

falling to my ankles

Don’t move he says

stay just like that

He moves in closer until his face buries between my legs

He licks my lips with the tip of his tongue

My hands wrapped around my ankles

My body shakes

His tongue reaches my clit

I close my eyes and concentrate to stay in  position

Barely able to continue standing my knees tremble

He stops and leans back into his chair

He turns me around

He is naked and hard

He pushes me down onto my knees

Open your mouth he commands

Good girl

He rubs his hardness all over my lips

then pushes the tip to the back of my throat

I suck him aggressively

No no not like that he insists

Slowly, romantically he continues

make love to my dick using your tongue and lips

I follow his request

He closes his eyes and tilts his head back

He swells, thick and long

My mouth wet and warm

he extends ready to release

but he begs me to stop

I don’t want it this way he moans ……….not yet….

(To be continued)