One Hot Miami Night












One hot flame I’ve had in Miami is my on again off again relationship with my Aventura lover. We met at my favorite hot Miami club and a couple hours later, we were back at his house making love all night. It’s been hot and heavy ever since then. I’ve posted this poem a couple times but I felt it should be on the blog permanently. He is intellectual and gentlemen like which is a big turn on for me. Also, extremely sexy!  He knows just how to get me out of my clothes. I have the most amazing orgasms every time he’s between my legs. So this ones for you Aventura.


Miami Love(Breaking the rules as Miami does)Dedicated to A. C. his white BMW, and Aventura

It happened one hot summer night in Miami. As soon as I met you

I let you

My hearts choice

My back against The Wall

The things you did to me

Going soo deeply

You see

Usually I have to be

Involved in longterm love.

to feel how I felt

But this city has a way


making you forget about  tomorrow

and enjoy living for today

The brief  moment

It was so perfect

The feeling of your lips caressing my thighs

Your hands

Your thrust

Your eyes

Waking up in your arms as the sun rised

Amazed how I feel so passionately about someone so new.

I’m not ashamed how



I fell in love with you