The Lust For Beautiful Men In Passing

So I’ve ended all ties with any lovers I’ve had or vice versa.  Out with the old in with the new! It’s time to  make a change in my selections. As I’m walking in the mall and these gorgeous potentials strut past, before I smile back I asked myself the most important question; Are they full of drama and bullshit? Or, do they understand the rules?  Will it be hot and steamy interactions when we hook up or will it be constant annoyance? I have a reputation for dealing with bitch men or just crazy fuckers who have some kind of weird issue! There I’ve admitted it. Because I’m more logical than emotional, the most hormonal emotional ego driven men are attracted to me.  The relationship consists of more arguing than fucking. Yikes!  As soon  as I give them a little taste of the coochie, a comical crazy episode happens

Because of all these thoughts and experiences I’ve had in the last 2 years, I decided to let each candidate pass. Things have been so peaceful and quiet lately just having sex with my jack rabbit; I don’t want it to end. The other night, the orgasm was so amazing, that I almost got down on one knee and proposed. As long as I keep the AA batteries charged I might consider Jack to be the perfect husband.

But I’m not going to lie, even though I have my J. R., I’m still horny as hell! Nothing beats a real dick. I confess the truth.Lusting after these sexy ass men I keep coming in contact with is driving me a little loony! I’m hanging in there by a thread and trying so hard not become bitcher than I already am! Between the flash backs and flash forwards I can’t concentrate on anything else but getting bent over and rammed from behind.

Honestly, I’ve been talking to a couple guys long distance. It’s been  fun so far.  In fact, I ‘ll have a guest this weekend flying in. The conversations get freakier every night. I want things to go smooth between us. No egos or games that he can’t handle. I don’t mind games; they are fun as long as the contenders are good sports. I like to talk sweet and nice to a man. Whatever it takes to keep the romance; however, lately, men take me literally. As if women can’t talk game just like them. Jeez! Long distance relationships might be the best option. I like to travel and I like mystery. When a person doesn’t have access to you everyday, it seems he or she is more appreciative when you get to spend time together. Like my New York love triangle. Ooh that’s a good time every time! Xoxox to my favorite two lovers!

At the same time, it’s nice to have someone to call that lives close to keep you warm on those cold and lonely nights or someone to take you out just for fun. I don’t believe in looking for relationships, I leave that to destiny. I’m just looking for Mr. Right Now and if he is  good for me, the now part will fade away naturally.

There a lot of sexy men surrounding me, but I don’t understand them. They all sit around and claim they like the cool chick but they get mad when she is not clingy or needy. O well, I’m going out with Jonathan lets see what happens.Like usual a fine ass man will approach me. His dick will call “Emmanuelle you know you want me!” and my coochie will say “Yes! Do it girl!” And of course, I will want to pounce him like the lioness I am.  But knowing me, I will enjoy them from a distance and let them pass me by!

IN PASSING( An Ode to his sex)

Every time I see you
I’m secretly
Blowing kisses at your dick
I can tell that its pleased by each passing of me
It stands at attention and salutes
ready to attack.
You try standing in different positions to hide him from me.
But  he defeats you every time.
You breathe in
you breathe out to calm him
But I drive him wild.
So your techniques are useless.
You’ve tried a many of times to stop us
But our passion towards each other is outrageous
I just glance at him and smile
Blinded by your clothes he still sees me.
When my tongue sneaks out to moisten my lips
He rises like a cobra bowing back
preparing to sharply penetrate me deeply with his venom.
If I brush up against him
He forcefully attempts to bust of your jeans
to find his way under my dress
I’m waiting wishing
and pantyless so he can have easy access.
He is romanced by the scent of me.
He will never stop until he has me.
So I beg
for your sake
Let’s us be together.
Stop standing between us

He needs me and I want him.
I am the true object of his affection.
Night after night he dreams of me lashing out, awakening wet
calling my name.
His happiness lies in my hands.
I would hate for him to turn dysfunctional, resistant,
and never be there when u need him.
He belongs to me
To think of him aroused by any other acquaintance I grow enraged with an intense jealousy
He is mine.
No body can give him what I can.
So for now on I will aggressively try to see him.
I will reach out and grab him
Never letting go.
I will no longer allow him to just pass me by