The Beautiful Obsession

He is hot blooded

If anyone looks or glances in my direction

creates a rage inside him

Loosing my affection

is his fear

and that causes a monster to appear

His touch

keeps me addicted and trapped

His anger I feel it

every time he is on top of me

He is merciless

I’m addicted to the pain

that he inflicts

I love his control and power

over me

I’m the object of his desire

each and every hour

From wall to wall

it fits so perfectly

my body

sucking and constricting

He has to be inside of me

I rule his dreams

The thought of another man fucking me

fills him with such a fury

His strokes are forceful and brutal

His hands around my throat


until I can’t breath

But when I climax

the agony feels so good

I can’t help but scream

That’s why I can’t leave

Or run away

I’m in something deeper than love

I’m his prisoner who doesn’t consider any kind of escape?

I secretly beg him to never change his ways

With every bruise and scar

I fiend and crave for more

Sometimes I provoke him

when I need an example of his devotion

I own his heart

I incite his emotions

and his tears he gives to me

There is nowhere else I rather be

Than laying here under him

His violence and cruelty

He expresses sexually

is pleasure for me

And I know he will never really hurt me

I don’t see the jealous barbarian others see

They try so hard to save me

but I recognize the  beauty in his insecurity

and how much he loves and cares for me

He is the desert and I’m the sea

His thirst

can only be quenched with the taste of me

He is the divinity of my life

I’m not trying to give a fight

He is domineering

and I’m his possession

I’m infatuated by his aggression

with no chance of rescue  or recovery

I’m lost in a beautiful obsession