A Bad Girl in Chicago 2


Now that I’m rested after the wild nights in Chicago, I’m ready to tell the crazy shit that went down in the windy city . We had the most amazing time locked in our hotel room. On Monday night, we decided to take a break and have dinner at the hotel restaurant.  My lover invited a friend of his and his wife to Chicago for the weekend.  This is going to shock my friends because I haven’t told them what happened. I’m expecting a few angry phone calls after I post this blog .

After rounds and rounds of cocktails, the couple followed us  to our  hotel room. Next thing I knew, It was two girls topless dancing in the bed. The two girls included me. We striped down completely by the time the champagne arrived.  Of course my lover (because you know I don’t give names) instigated the girl on girl kissing that occurred. She was sexy, I was drunk as hell and it was a holiday. Why not?

Wow! I should have known the night was going to end with all four of us naked.  Now this might sound like complete bullshit and I understand if you think it is. But, you would be surprised what happens when people think no one will find out. This is nothing out of the ordinary for me. It’s just a typical night in New York hanging with friends. Orgies are always on the menu. And this orgy was a good as it gets. My friend is really good at eating pussy. I enjoyed watching him devour this young girl while I rode her husband. We switched back and forth all night. I was amazed how freely they enjoyed other people outside Their marriage. She seemed to be turned on by her husband fucking me and  it was a pleasure watching her blow my lover.I believe they do this all the time. It’s really not a surprise to me. Sex is always exciting when you add an extra two! I promised the couple that I would not mention their names in this blog. I would love to see them again.  I have a feeling they will be making an  appearance at my loft at some point.