Understand that I love you
I am not ashamed of me
of what I’ve become
because of you

Why should I be?
There’s no hesitation in what I do
No explanations or reasons
I found what others are too afraid to admit they are searching for
They would never confess it
but I declare it proudly
I’m a freak

I dedicated myself to you
with no uncertainties
I wanted to fall in love and you make me feel this way
There’s no one else that could have awakened this side of me
Anything you ask, I’ll try it
That’s my pledge of loyalty
I’m so committed to you and
your needs
I don’t mind letting the world know
that you have created all that’s in me
Let them talk
Let them criticize
as long as I am the perfect lover in your eyes
They might call it scandalous
The things you make me do
As long as you desire
the uninhibited will continue
I’ve heard their voices quietly
me as a lady
But I don’t need a defense
I know who I am
and I am at peace with it
I’m who they wish they could be

You constantly say
how much you like it and
How it turns you on
Don’t stop you request
Let this never end
you as my freak

I am obsessed
My body and mind I no longer own
and neither do I care to
I can’t get enough
I want more
I’m addicted
strung out
Since you
My life has completely changed
My sexuality has taken control
It has transformed my presents
The way I carry myself
my appearance
The way I move
The way I speak
Even given me a new name
You have penetrated my core
And I’ll never be the same
So take my hand
and I will follow you anywhere
I can’t wait to go deeper
You are the supreme elevation
essential to my existence

So ask me my lover
That’s all it takes
I wear you so proudly
for the rest of my life
I’m willing
To be your  Freak