Wild Southern Sex

In two weeks, I will be heading down to Atlanta to hang with Emmanuelle, Kimberly, and Elaina. I’m desperately in need of  some private naughty girl time. We plan to get into all kinds of mischief. Southerners are friendly and welcoming. They are fun and outgoing. Totally different from the snobs  of Manhattan. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a New Yorker, But I do enjoy the sweet escape  of a secretly uninhibited world. Georgia is perfect because it’s not expected. It seems to be  hillbilly and psycho religious since it’s a part of the bible belt. But, I have experienced the wildest sex parties imaginable. Even celebrities are hip to this cities hush hush pastime. On numerous occasions, I have shared a girlfriend or two with a well known superstar. I will let your imagination run wild with ideas of  who they could be. Shhh

The states capital has a conservative family oriented feel during the day. But at night the cities professionals really know how to let loose. Orgies are abundant! It’s sound crazy but yes! It’s a full on adult fuck fest! First you start out at the strip club for a little bump and grind with a couple of friends (Everyone hangs at the strip club in Atlanta). Then, after the club closes, it’s time to get down and dirty. It’s not called the dirty south for nothing. I get wet thinking about the last time I was there. The feel of a woman’s tongue and a man’s fingers is breath taking! Southern women are sweet and lovely. Their accents are  sexy and those thick asses are delicious! The men are gentle but rough.  What’s great about “Hotlanta” is  that you can taste every flavor of the rainbow. The city is as multicultural as my assortment of friends. Blacks and whites tasting and invading each others bedrooms.  My W hotel suite will be like a we are the world  revolving door

Never underestimate the south. Atlanta is highly populated with middle age professional freaks. Most you wouldn’t expect. You would be clueless looking at them. Believe me they are hiding their nastiness. I can’t wait for the girls and I to  step off the plane and head out into the darkness.