Never Take Me For Granted




There will be no tomorrow
but I’m in love with you
There will be no promises for years to come
but you’re in love with me
and we won’t take this moment for granted
The world is ending
The sky is caving in
The sea is drying up
and the sun will burst into flames
All we have is the next couple of hours to express by action just what we feel

All I want is a mattress on the ground
With candles lit all around
In a deserted house on the country side
During a quiet storm
The windows are open
and the roof is half missing
But the fire place keeps it dry and warm
It’s just me and you

Tonight I’m going to give it my all
Any way you want it
I won’t speak resistance
Or will I hesitate
I’ll suck you
deep throat you like it’s my last time tasting
From behind or maybe in a 69, you’ll give me the same
Like it’s the last time you will ever use your tongue
Let the climax repeat in multitudes until we rest in peace
Do you hear that thunder?
It will all be over soon
So please
give it to me
like this is the last time my legs will be wrapped around you
and my body will be under yours
Don’t waste a second
We are doomed for destruction
Kiss me all over like I will exist no more
Hold me in your arms until nothing else outside these walls remain
I will cry your name like it’s the only words left
on earth
And if this is truly the end
I will know who I belonged to
as I close my eyes and take my last breath

The mountains are collapsing and the foundation is shaking
the stars have fallen and the moon has disappeared into the darkness
and there will be nothing else after this
I will never see you again
but I’ll love you
even when it’s over

We have to appreciate the affection we receive
Each and every time I give you a chance
make love to me
like life is terminal
and nothing is guaranteed especially
the connection between you and I