Men for Only Fantasies Part 1

The truth is
anytime I think of you, see you, hear your name
this pussy get wets
Damn I watch you walk pass
Sexiness in the purest form
That imagery
I gather it up quickly
and at the end of the night
I’m gonna take it home with me
Linger in it over candles and wine
during nasty private early morning time
I’m going to romance this body in the fantasy
Of fucking you
My fingers will  invade me hard and manly like I want you to do
I’m going to stretch these legs to highest clouds in the a.m. sky
I’m going to pretend it’s you smacking this ass and caressing these thighs
“I’ll whisper damn this pussy is good girl” and scream your name along with “yeah boy destroy that shit”
at the same time.
I’ll climax and fall asleep holding myself
like it’s your embrace

This really could be me and you
From a distance
on looks alone
You have all the right attributes
But like usual
When you finally approach me and speak
Your attitude is rude and disrespectful
Your lines are weak
Always making me feel degraded and cheap
My desire turns cold
my pussy gets real dry
I get frustrated and wonder why I even try
And like I do every time I interact with you
I end the conversation with “fuck you asshole goodbye!”
I storm out with nothing but this fake concept of you in my sexual imagination for another session of intoxicated masturbation