The Masquerade

Change me
See through this mask
A façade that I’ve carefully constructed
out of heartbreak and catastrophes.
Don’t let me slip away into the crowd
make me yours
Take me
Through the tempo and dance
I realize who you are
It’s in your eyes
They reflect images of your soul
I won’t stop you
I won’t say no
Be the strength for once
The supremacy in my life
I sense the aggression in you
Let these strangers witness
Let them gather around
as they hide who they really are
The thrill behind the masks
The mystery
It’s what we all gathered here for
The darkest hour of the city conceals our scandalous secrets
No names or stories revealed
In the shadows our wildest imaginations and reality engage….

Please take me
Do with me as you wish
You convinced me that you are the best
So I’ll stop the chase
The game
Tear through this costume
This glamour
Touch the core of me ..
Destroy this illusion
Break me down
To the simplest form
Never let me go
Restore in me my faith in love
And let it have dominance in my being
Allow me to be the embodiment that defines your memories
Remove my disguise
Make it where I can’t turn back to who I use to be
Hidden in secrecy

Crash in to me..
Shake the foundation of my world
Let the walls that I have constructed collide and collapse
So we may build something so alive and new
Eternally finding gratification in the romance,
the magic of the
Masquerade …